I can get lost in his eyes, looking into their depthless wonder and see my whole world in them. He has so many looks. The one that makes him frown when he doesn’t understand something. He  looks at me and hopes to see an answer in my eyes. Sometimes there is but sometimes there isn’t. Do I see defeat in his eyes then? Never. As long as my belief in him is there in my eyes he will never give up.

He caresses me with his gaze. Sometimes there is fire sometimes ice but every time there is love. Our foundation is based in love. I never question who I am because I am in my lover’s eyes. I am not defined by words I am fire, I am ice, I am soft and I am fierce.

And Him? Ah all of him is in his eyes too. With a single glance I know where we are going. It doesn’t matter ‘what’ we do what counts is how we dance the tango of life. He leads, I follow and he takes me to places I have never been before. That is in his eyes.

I have had a different experience years ago but that man was not like this. He demanded, he pushed, he overcame me physically. I looked in his eyes and there was nothing looking back.

My lover never demands, he invites me out to play. Letting  me dance in his arms and I know I am safe. I am going to say something now but please understand this comes from years of experience and a total trust between us. I have only ever used a safe word with him once and it had nothing to do with sex. I trust him enough to know we can use fluid consent he trusts me enough to know I will stop him if he pushes too far. I see his intent in his eyes, I see the heat of his arousal and I know he see’s that in me. That type of knowing can only come from time.

I look in my lover’s eyes and I see a challenge, an invitation to engage with him. To walk into his arms and gently take his hands and press my body into him. He puts one hand around my waist and places his hand on my back. With gentle pressure he leads me into the courtship of our dance. I look in his eyes and just let him push and turn me, lead me into the dance of our encounter. And oh lord I see the fire in his eyes. I am caught up in it, letting my fire rise to meet his.

This is not about submission or dominance, rope or pain it is all one beautiful lifelong dance. Exploring each turn and twist, every tiny step. The music plays and we can not resist, we HAVE to dance. I pray the music never stops playing.




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