I have been looking at some pictures of beautiful ladies posted on  here and Fetlife. I am female and I love looking at them but I think I might be seeing them in a different way to other people.

I appreciate the modeleques beauty of slender, perfect bodies in well lit fames and perfect poses. Who wouldn’t? I look in their eyes and look for fire, either a blazing inferno or slow, smouldering gazes ready to sweep you up. It isn’t always there.

Then I look at the real pretty women who shyly peek out without showing her entire face. The succulent lips holding so much promise in a single kiss. Then we have the ladies out and proud. Uncompromisingly willing to show the world themselves. So they have some grey hairs, a pound or two more than they would like but that doesn’t matter. Oh horror, is that a stretch mark?

To me these are the most beautiful women. The ones brave enough to stand there and say, ‘This is Me!’.

To those ladies, I salute you!


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Any comments are appreciated.

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6 Comments on “Photographs.

  1. I love real bodies. I love the grey or white hair. The lines. The imperfections. The lopsided smile or curvy form. Real people with real bodies. They are way sexier than the hairless, shapeless, made-up ones.


    • I love to touch a body that is warm and inviting with all it’s little imperfections because to me it is a map of that person with an invitation to explore; To kiss and lick over every trail. It is a map you can read over and over and never follow the same route. I can donate my life to exploring my Sir without ever growing tired of it. I can also share a journey with a woman in the same way. Who wants perfect because they have no roads to explore?

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  2. As a bigger girl, who now loves posing for selfies, now not afraid of showing it “all”, really appreciate blogs like this. It’s nice to know some men and women love all women, some love slender, pretty women and some love BBW like me. On a bad day, I may look at a picture and cringe at myself, reading comments and not believing a word. Yet I adore looking at all men, all shapes and sizes, ages and skin tone, each man is unique. It took a long time for me to risk posting pictures of myself, and beginning to like me, Master made it a rule to post a nude pic of myself and read the comments, these comments made my self confidence grow, now 3 years later I can’t wait to try new poses for Master, me and others to enjoy. But if I didn’t get these comments I would still be hiding behind the camera. Xx


    • Your Master is a wise man. Beauty does come in all people if your eyes are open to seeing them. Who wrote the rule that says only stick thin very young girls are beautiful. Look into a woman’s eyes and see the depthless wonder contained in them. There is a world to get lost in.


  3. I loved this post. As I prepared photos from the video I took of me dancing for Sinful Sunday this post was running through my mind in such a lovely positive way. Thank you so much for writing it. When you look at my latest post be aware that you made a wonderful and empowering contribution to it too. 💖


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