Ok I am a girl and do not have said body parts and they totally fascinate me. I mean you only have to touch a penis a little bit and it starts to swell, poking his head up. I mean the obvious applications of said cock and balls can bring some really intense sexual encounters, but apart from that they are still rather nifty. I mean when you guys pee, you have to hold that sucker steady or it might end up jetting pee all over the place. You can write your name in the snow when you pee. I love to watch when my Sir pees, it is amazing. The thing that annoys me is you can pee anywhere really where as us girls have to have at the very least a bush to hide behind. Pardon the pun lol.

The other thing is you let it all hang out but girls ‘bits’ are tucked away nice and neat.

Now don’t get me started on testacies. Do you know if you lay between your mans legs and the penis is out of the way, balls have a life of their own. I mean girls have you really watched them? They are amazing.

Now what can you do with a hard penis apart from masturbating or have mind blowing sex? You can practice changing gears for driving. maybe if your man would hold it up you could practice quoits. Horseshoes would hurt too much.

You can also use them as a handy place to hang a towel in a push.

But really check out your man’s tackle, it is truly amazing.

Last but not least if he has a hard on it will stop him from rolling out of bed.

Just saying.

Sir and kitten


Any comments you make are appreciated

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6 Comments on “Penises and Testicles

  1. I have a piece of vital information that I missed out. Temperature is important to the good health of said testicles. If he is hot they will hang lower and pull up in the cold. It would seem the little chaps do not like cold water. I am also fascinated by the way they move. I mean it, have a look they really do writhe of their own accord. Shhhh I will tell you a secret as long as you promise not to tell Sir. …..I have named them but shhhhhh.


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