These are words of advice I sort have chosen for myself to keep me safe. They are simple really but they are mine. Take the time to look at some for yourself.

  1. Never let an angry Partner whip you, even if he is not angry with you. A mistake could damage you physically and mentally.
  2. Never let a partner abuse you verbally if you don’t like it. It will cut you and ruin your confidence.
  3. Never stay with a partner that ignores your limits. I believe a mistake can happen but if it happens over and over leave.
  4. Never stay with a partner that will not negotiate as it means they are intractable.
  5. Never stay with a man unable to fulfil your needs as it will undermine the relationship.
  6. Never stay with a partner that won’t cuddle or hold you after a scene.
  7. Never stay with a partner that never shows you a level of love.
  8. Never stay with a person that does not respect you.
  9. Never stay with a partner that you cannot trust.
  10. Never stay with a cruel Top when you do not like a cruel Top.

Everything should be talked through and have give and take. Demand respect. Just because you may be submissive it doesn’t mean your top can do anything they want to you. If they say you will get used to it with time, don’t believe them. It is better to leave than wait and see.

I have spoken about my list and I know my Sir has his own list so it is not one sided. You must respect yourself enough to have a list like this and I would have it done before I actually look for a partner. Thank goodness I am lucky enough to be in a great relationship and Sir never does any things from the list. We talked for years on line and we both respect each other and when you have trust and love you can find your way together.

Making a list like this is showing you that you respect yourself.


Sir and kitten


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