BDSM Test. 

This is the link to the test for anyone that wants to take it.

This is something I posted in Fetlife. I thought I would share it.

I am taking the test; you know that BDSM test, the one that will shape what people see of me. I am doing the long test and I answering how I feel people would like to see me so I answered I absolutely strongly agree 100%. I am answering that way with all these questions and I even answer 100% to questions I didn’t even understand.

I am so excite about it, I mean this will tell me what I am and I can use it to impress all of the people in Fet! They will love me and want me and won’t be able to resist me. 

I am exactly the kind of person that all Fetlifers will love. I don’t expect to be alone for long.  Still answering I strongly agree to everything. The modern age, with its intelligent computers, that knows exactly who I am. It is real and truthful and honest. When I get my score back I don’t even have to talk to anyone, I will post it in Fresh & Pervy, the perfect place to put the results. Everyone will surely know everything they need to know about me. The first thing I will see is, ‘I want you!’ on my PM. Lots of them. A queue of them!

I’ll pack my bags and I will be off.

Ok end of the test and I click enter. The computer is making a funny noise. The site is flickering. Oh shit I broke the site. I didn’t even get a result. How the hell will other people know what I am now?

Buggar. Do you think they would notice if I made the list up? What is a Rigger? Oh I  will strongly agree anyway….


Sir and kitten


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