Well I am still riding the glow after my experience of the Switchy kind. I am actually having thoughts of where this can go. I have never embraced a new thing quite as strongly as I have this time. I have images rolling slowly through my mind. I am not going to mention the ideas because, well because Sir reads everything I write here and he loves surprizes. What I can tell you is what I won’t do. I have no wish to see him as submissive. I have to be clever and lead him without robbing him of his Dominance and I did that yesterday. I know he does not like pain but I can bite him a little. I would never slap him if he had his hands tied. I know how he reacts to that and let’s just say I would pay for it when I let him go and that takes us to a whole new scene. I would never degrade him either. He is my wonderful Sir and I could not form the words to humiliate him.

Apart from all of that I should be fine.

I think he really enjoyed it as much as I did. He said he is still riding the afterglow too and I believe him. How often will this happen I have no idea. We did speak about an outfit but I am not sure if I want to get ‘that’ into it. Progress will be slow but I am not going to over-think it. I drifted gently into this and I liked that aspect of it. I let the river flow it’s gentle banks.

I must say I am struggling with something that I shouldn’t be. It’s a label thing. Does this new revelation carve into my submissive nature? Does it lessen me or add to me? I still feel submissive but there is more to me. Perhaps it makes me more than I was. It certainly doesn’t take anything from Sir. He is really happy, not because he became submissive, he never did. He enjoyed me enjoying what was happening and he played along. It was very heady stuff.

So am I less than submissive? No. I don’t believe so. I have simply grown to encompass every part of me, all those little corners I never knew I had.

Will I visit this part of me again?  Most definitely and I can do all this without a label because labels do not serve you well. This is a prime example of what they can do. The word Switch had such negative connotations for me but once I slipped into it, the negativity is gone.

I have become ‘me’ and I no longer associate myself with any label. Not even submissive. 

My advice to you all? Just be. Be who you truly are without a single word to define you. Throw away labels they do not serve you well. If a person asks ‘what’ you are, tell them ‘who’ you are instead.   


Sir and kitten


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3 Comments on “Switchery Feelings

  1. It certainly makes you more darling, you know I have never been one for labels. Labels is something started by another site to help as a guide to direct people to like or opposite minded people and has taken on a life of its own they were never meant to be anything more then road markers. This way to submissiville, domstowne over here!

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  2. Yeah I know but I was guilty of wearing those labels like badges of honor. Walking around showing the world what I am then suddenly I didn’t find them so good, the labels are all gone. Now you are stuck with a woman that is just wanting to be free of them and being real.

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