For those of you that have no idea what a switch is, *label alert* a person that likes to be submissive and able to switch into dominance mode. Quite a while ago Sir tried to tell me I was possibly a switch. I shook my head, backed away and said I am in no way a switch.

In all honesty it challenged my submissive side and I could not have that. I am totally submissive, honest I am. Then Sir did the psychologist thing and smiled and nodded and said the words I am growing to dislike, ‘Oh okay, that’s fine.’

Since then it has cropped up a couple of times but I just as usual, flat out refused it as a possibility. I was one hundred percent sure. See I wrote ‘was’?

Everything changed tonight and the brick wall around my completely submissive nature was shattered.

During the day Sir really hurt his knee and hip. He was in tremendous pain and I asked what I could do and he said, ‘Distract me.’

We talked about various subjects and we laughed. Then it became apparent we were both thinking more about our rising carnal desires. Now with him having only one working leg I knew being all Domly was going to be difficult for him. Even an over the knee spanking was out. So I took his hand and led him to the bedroom and had him lay down in the middle of it. Okay how can I get his clothes off now? I spy his knife on the bedside drawers that he always carries, that he places on this spot. It is a large kind of penknife with a swing out blade. I believe he calls it a flipper. I look for any hint of not wanting this to happen but there is none. The beast is already hard so I have to cut round it most carefully.

Ok he is naked now how can I take mine off but it must be sexily? I begin to dance, rather awkwardly at first but I slip into my latent stripper mode and do a passable dance and end up naked, and I didn’t fall over when I climb out of my skirt which is always a possibility.

I straddle Sir but didn’t slip the beast inside me, not right away. There is kissing Sir and nibbling him and a line of little kisses going down his body which have the predictable effect on him and I reach what I am aiming for. I start paying lip service to the beast and I swing around so he can enjoy my nether regions which was really amazing.

Now my body is alive and filled with need and I want him inside of me….Now!

Okay, that was a bit more forceful than usual.

I went through the motions and the result was I was riding my Sir like a wild thing.

Then it happened…I had been leading this scene and not really understood where it was going.

I said to him, ‘Whose cock is this?’

And Sir did not make it any better when he said, ‘Yours.’

There was no submission in him or submission in me. ‘It was mine.’ He said it. Well, for some reason that turned me on so very much.  The scene came to it’s natural conclusion and we were laying together, flat out on our rather rumpled bed. I asked him if I had hurt him. He reassured me I hadn’t and in fact the endorphins had got rid of his pain. I was strangely quiet after that but I knew Sir had something to say.

‘Do you want to talk about what just happened?’ In his finest smug voice.

‘What the switchy thing?’ I have to stop myself from being petulant.

‘You might have to change your profile in Fet.’ and I can hear the smile on his face.

‘Yep I will.’ Then my revelational moment was over. I have shown some switchy tendencies but dammit it is just another label.

That made me think about it. I enjoyed taking over the scene. Sir  was happy to give up that control and he certainly enjoyed the experience. I never once touched his Dominance by asking ‘Who’s cock is this?’ Our scene had me take control because he was sore but I enjoyed it. I got caught up in it and I was very turned on by it. I actually thought I might change my profile in fet and take off all the labels. That will shake them up.

So the point to all of this? Don’t say never because you might. Do not turn your mind off to something that you might enjoy. Never look at the label and turn your mind off to all it means. Never be certain because you might miss a golden opportunity.

Have fun and stay safe.

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Sir and kitten

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