Have you ever have a moment in time that seems to hold you there for what seems like an eternity? When everything comes together in one complete, perfect, moment and it rocks your world from the depths right up to the pinnacle. They can be different, the first time you hold your child, or standing on the scales and you have reached your ideal weight after a difficult struggle. It could even be an unexpected kindness.

This one is rooted in sex and though it started with discipline. My terrible sin? I came without permission. We were in a scene that required permission and I broke that rule.  I have often cum without asking because there are times I can’t control my orgasms. One such scene involves a whip or a crop. Yes I cum when whipped and it is explosive and not something I can delay. At that time Sir doesn’t ask for control.

Now back to my punishment. I had to edge five times a day for five days on the fifth day I had to edge every hour and Sir watched. He could see how desperate I was and no amount of begging for release changed his mind. He made me wait until evening after dinner.

My sex felt swollen and so needy. I was wiping away my essences all day. To say I was needy was an understatement. Each time he touched my skin I shuddered and shivered. I could not stop the little moans and mewling sounds of need. He would stroke the back of his fingers against my cheek and my eyes would flood with tears. He loved on me all day, telling me what a good girl I was, uttering words of pity because he knew how desperate I was and it was hard to do much at all.

No matter where I was or what I was doing on the hour, every hour I had to edge, right where I was. Once I was washing the floor and I had to edge right there on the floor. Sir particularly liked watching that time. He sat and watch and I took myself to the edge quickly but he was not happy with that, he asked me to calm myself then do it again. Have you any idea how much a body can ache when doing this. He then got up and walked away, no soothing touches, no ‘good girl’ and I was left to finish the floor. We do have a touch of humiliation to our relationship that I enjoy but because of the state I was in, it made tears fall again.

Finally dinner was over and everything was cleared away. Now… would my needs be met?

Sir took my hands and said, ‘Go downstairs remove all of your clothes and wait for me.’ He handed me the key to the room. I quickly open the door, walk inside and remove my clothes. I then go to the cushion beside the door and get into position. I kneel down, sit back on my heels and place my hands, palms up on my thighs. I am supposed to present a calm figure of perfect submission but tonight I am shaking, my eyes are full of tears but they don’t fall.

I don’t hear Sir coming down the stairs. I jump when he opens the door. When he enters I tremble. This man is every inch the Dominant. He holds the key to my body and I can’t take my eyes off of him. He goes to where a heavy ring is set into the ceiling. He then goes over and finds a section of rope. My heart starts to pound, he has rope. OMG he has rope.

He forms a loop in the middle of it then he slips the loop through the ring. He puts both ends of the rope through the loop and makes a show of pulling it tight. He then goes over to the toys rack and brings a spreader bar and two leather manacles. My mouth is dry and I can’t tear my eyes off him. This is a whipping scene. The one and only thing that makes it impossible for me to control my orgasms. He knows this, oh god he knows this.

He calls me over to him and gives the signal to crawl.  I crawl slowly but I can’t summon the sexy crawl. My eyes are wide and I am shaking. When I reach him he helps me to my feet. Without a word he fixes the manacles around my wrists. He then bends down and puts the manacles on the spreader bar on my ankles but he doesn’t spread them. He ties my manacles to each strand of rope. He hauls my hands up high but doesn’t do it so high my feet are off the ground. Then he spread my legs and I am pulled up so my heels are off the ground but I am not quite on tip toes.

Back he goes to the wall where all the whips are kept but he doesn’t take a whip, he takes the crop. My head falls forward and I moan softly. He is expecting me to control my orgasms in an activity he knows I can’t.

He comes to me swishing the crop and I whimper. He comes close to me and says, ‘you seem to be a little upset darling.’

‘Sir, you are going to whip me.’

‘Yes angel I am.’

‘But I can’t control myself when you do that.’

‘Yes kitten I know.’

‘Please, please Sir, I can’t…..’

‘You are assuming something that is incorrect.’

‘What Sir?’

‘Your discipline was the five days of edging.’

‘And this is my….’

‘Release, yes my darling kitten.’

Now I really start crying because my relief is overwhelming.

‘I am going to make you cum over and over because you have been good with your discipline, I am giving you permission to cum without having to ask, but if you do ask I would appreciate it.’

‘I will Sir if I can.’

He whips my ass, I ask permission and cum. He whips my thighs, I ask permission and I cum. He whips my sex, three times, first softish, then harder, I am so close to cumming again and then the third hits hard. Then …..that one perfect moment where time stands still and the orgasm rips through my body and fills me. The world is gone. My body, my soul and my mind are completely transported. I feel nothing more but the release. I am in sub space, floating high. I hear nothing. I am drifting and that moment seems to last forever…

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