I have seen someone I respect on WordPress has decided to do an A – Z of sexual things. I am going to follow suit but I get a bit slack when it comes to daily posts so I thought I would do them in one go. So here goes…

  • A…Aroma, as a Taurus I am a person where smells are important to me. I love the smell of Sir after he has showered. I have a need to smell nice myself but I love expensive perfumes. A lady needs to have some nice perfumes.
  • B…Balls, all things related to my Sirs balls is fascinated. They move, I mean honest to god, they move even when he is still. It is like the bugga’s have a life of their own.
  • C…Cuts. I used to self harm and I have scars. With Sir’s help I know I will never cut again and it is a very hard limit for me.
  • D…Delta. I am speaking of the delta of my sex. Smooth, not a single hair and the place a lot of my sexual existence resides. Always easy to reach.
  • E…Erotic. I am a huge fan of erotic writing. I love to read it and to write it.
  • F…Fuck. My favorited word, it is a noun, verb, adverb, noun, pronoun, anything at all.
  • G…G-spot. Omg I love this. It has enhanced my orgasms and aids squirting. It is buried deep and shows the knowledge of your lover. Does he know were it is? If you could see the smile on my face right now you would know Sir does.
  • H…Hard. The preferred way I like to see ‘the beast’ (Sir’s cock), hard and ready for action.
  • I…I. Me myself and I. I make up half of something very special.
  • J…Jacking off which is something I love to watch.
  • K…Kink. Obviously. Is there any better word? Also Knight because Sir is my Knight in shiny armour but he continues to try and tell me it is rusty.
  • L…Love. The foundation we  based our relationship on.
  • M…Movies of the blue type. I love them and they make me laugh.
  • N…Norty (naughty). It means having dirty minds and an amazing imagination.
  • O…Open. The state off my mouth when Sir wants me to go down on him. Then my lips press around his hardness and forms a perfect ‘O’.
  • P…Penis, Cock, Dick, Schlong, I could have filled up the list of different penis names but kept it to P. I love Sir’s penis and would not survive without it.
  • Q…Quickie. A word that isn’t in my Sir’s vocabulary and I am internally grateful.
  • R…Romance. Sir is very much a romantic and that is something often over looked by some Doms. Romance is food for the soul.
  • S…Savage. Very often when we fuck it is savage. The are no boundaries around sex as we are both matched in savagery. Hot, hard and savage is both of us.
  • T…Top. That is my Sir. Even if I become predatory he is still the Top. It is like he steers the vehicle of our love making.
  • U…Underwear. Banned are panties and bras, unless the situation needs to change, such as when I had the breast surgery.
  • V…Visage. My Sir’s face is the most important to me. It is very emotive. He has to Botox, but because he has shocking migraines and they sort of keep the forehead relaxed.  However he has this sexy little crooked grin that I know is going to cause me trouble…hehehehehe.
  • W…Wartenburg Wheel. This is one little toy that is greatly over-looked. It can be a teasing pleasure or quite painful, depending on your Dominant.
  • X…X-ray Vision. This is what my Sir has, I am certain. With a glance he knows what is in my mind, my body, and my sex. He uses this superman power a lot!
  • Y…Yield. To give in to a stronger force. I yield myself to the power of my Dominant because I adore where it takes me.
  • Z…Zing. The state of excitement just being around my Sir.

Now you know my ABC, next time won’t you sing along with me?

I hope you find them funny and good as it was great fun to write. Perhaps you all might like to try and thank you Dirty Serf for the idea! ❤



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