Within my mind I have many contradictions that affect my life with Sir. I have to wonder if all submissives have the same contradictions or perhaps different ones. I can’t speak for Sir and he said he is going to do a list from the Dominant side.

This only relates to my relationship with Sir. So here goes with mine..

  • I am strong                               yet I yield
  • I am free                                   yet I submit
  • I am a rebel                              yet I show Sir my respect
  • I like to be busy                       yet my time is His
  • I can be sarcastic                    yet I like to be spanked (can be a result of sarcasm)
  • I have a fiery nature              yet I can be accepting
  • I can make bad choices         yet I can correct them
  • I am submissive                      yet I can lead (not in switchy way)
  • I can defer to Sir                     yet I can make up my own mind
  • I can be a storm                      yet I can be peaceful
  • I can be prey                           yet I can be the predator
  • I enjoy pain                             yet not at the expense of pleasure.
  • I can be over-excited             yet I can bring calm
  • I can be dominated                yet find peace in that
  • I can be vanilla                       yet not totally
  • I am mercurial                       yet Sir loves it
  • I trust Sir                                 yet he constantly continues to deepen that trust
  • I can battle Sir                        yet I know how to lose
  • I am proud of what I am      yet I don’t speak to my friends about it
  • Sometimes I feel lonely        yet Sir knows how to help me when I feel that way
  • I have a mental illness         yet it doesn’t define me
  • I am collared                          yet the collar does not confine me. It brings me peace
  • I love Sir totally                     And he loves me just as much

That is all I can think of today lol. I found it interesting to write and I hope it has you thinking of your own contradictions. I found it cathartic to write. I love different ways to look at myself.  I learn new things and I can work on things I need to. That is a good way to be. This relationship is always evolving into something better.

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5 Comments on “Contradictions In me or in my submission

  1. You have the best contradictions love I wouldn’t want you any other way


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