Sir and I would like to make the blog a little more social. I am naturally drawn to making friends, especially in the kink community. It’s nice to know there are great people out there enjoying themselves… so I thought why not try to get to know each other? I also thought this might be a great way to do it.

If you are comfortable, put your online name. I prefer not to have real names as that could lead to someone being made vulnerable. You can tell us what country you are in but there is no need for any other identification to appear here. I will be the one, or Sir will look through each comment so abusive comments will not be posted. Because of the way WordPress works, all comments have to be approved so it isn’t Big Brother at work. We aren’t censors, we are protective of any people that post in here.

It would be nice to know of your experiences in the lifestyle and anything you enjoy. We don’t mind if you put a link to your blog site if it is in keeping with our blog, mainly kinky things.

We will not post any religious posts.

Well the rest is over to you. I hope you like this idea.

I suppose I should start this off with things about me.

kitten: I am almost 40 years old and live with my Sir.  We both hate labels but in this format we need to use them. He is Dominant and I am his submissive. We have been together for over 12 years. We are engaged. I am an Australian Sir is American. We also live this 24/7. To qualify that I am not always acting as a submissive 24/7 but no matter what, when we enter a scene I will very much be in my role as kitten. That is true but if under the influence of a Mind Fuck all things are up for grabs. We are into lots of things and to list them all would be tedious but to sum it up. I love being spanked, flogged and whipped. It is always my choice if we do anything like that. I can rebel too. We both enjoy c/nc sex and both of us can be a predator/prey. I have a list of limits both hard and soft. The soft ones we can explore but hard ones are a no go area. I also have a safe word and I am not afraid to use it. I love to be tied up or put into metal bondage. I find when doing these activities I quickly enter subspace. I enjoy edging, and I love forced orgasms.

I can be a rebel and I am strong, free and independent. Sir and I enter every scene as equals, we just come in from different bases. Sir’s main thing is he cares for  me deeply and he makes sure he does not push me too far. He respects me, trusts me and would hate to hurt me, but I know he would never do that because I trust and respect him. I also love him completely as he does me.

I think this gives you some idea of me lol. You don’t have to write a tome like me but even a small piece would be nice.

There is another reason for this social page and that is… in the world. all kinds of kinksters live and to write here you will learn so much about each other. You will not be judged, just accepted as a friend.

Ok guys, it’s over to you…

To see the ones that choose to add something to the page go down to the very bottom of this page. Then add your own details. Link to your blog too if you want.


Sir and kitten

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6 Comments on “Social Page

  1. Hi kitten. My kink name is Dirtyserf, i am Master’s slave but I preferred to be called his serf, which is just another name for slave according to the dictionary.
    A bit about me/us, we’ve been together 30years in August, with 1 18year old son and house of pets. We never started our kinky lifestyle until 3 years ago, after I read the 50 shades books. I fancied trying it, he was v keen, and not looked back.
    About 6 months in, was when it became a 24/7 D/s lifestyle. Though life can get in the way of our fun, I love to be spanked very hard, Master doesn’t do fluffy spankings, so play is severe, punishments v v severe. His is in charge of everything, full control over me, I ask to buy anything, go anywhere. We both love blood play, vampire toys are a favourite, humiliation, degrading, hair fisting is all great fun.
    We are in the UK, North West region.
    My blog is
    I would certainly love to chat, learn new things and become friends with other kinky folks like us.
    Love and hugs xxxx


  2. Hey Dirtyserf, it’s been a while since I last touched base with you. I hope you and your Sir are well. I am recovering well from a health concern and I am in hospital. You guys keep me company more than you realize. Just wanted to say hey! ❤


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