I am a member of Fetlife.com and I have the blog here and nothing seems to phase me in the realms of B.D.S.M. I peered in the windows with my safety net, my relationship with Sir, I watch on, not being judgemental. I am very accepting of anything that brings pleasure to the people involved. I want to let you know about all the roles I have encountered but try not to say, well that is damn weird, because every genuine person is entitled to their predilections. Variety is the spice of life. I will write the list I have come across and please if your kink isn’t on the list, let me know.


·        Dominants, male doms.

·        Dommes, female doms.

·        Femidoms, another name for female doms.

·        Masters, owners of slaves.

·        Slaves, people that serve their owners.

·        Submissives both female/male.

·        Daddy Doms, male obviously.

·        Mummy Dons, female obviously.

·        Littles, males and females that like to be treated as little.

·        Princess by day, slut/whore at night. The word is not meant to be derogatory.

·        Pain Pup or slut. A person that loves pain above all things.

·        Pups, people that are treated as puppies.

·        Kittens, people treated like a kitten, or the word is used as an endearment.

·        Ponies, people that are dressed and used as ponies.

·        Service people, they do all sorts of things like serving other people with both normal stuff cooking  and drinks and sexual stuff.

·        Self-Collared people that do not have a Dom or Domme and they set themselves things to do as if  they are still with a partner.

·        Masochist, a person that enjoys pain and humiliation.

·        Sadist, a person that likes giving pain or humiliation.

·        Switches are people that can switch their roles from Dominant to submissive.

·        Cuckold is a person that like for their partner to have sex with other people.

·        Voyeurs are people that love to watch other people having sex.

·        Exhibitionists are people that like to expose their body. (Not a creep in the park with the raincoat on flashing himself to people)

·        Bimbo, girl that looks like she has modified her body and has no brains that she shows during play. They are perfectly intelligent but choose not to show it.

·        Pee sluts, girls and boys that allow their partner to pee on them. They may even drink the pee.

·        Riggers are people that know rope work very well.

·        Rope Bunnies, are people that love to be bound.

·        Pigs, are people that are treated like pigs.

·        Bi Sexuals are people that like sex with both males and females.

·        Hetro-sexuals are people that only have sex with members of the opposite sex.

·        Pansexuals have sex with anybody.

·        Milk Slave, normally a lactating woman. 

Now I know I may have missed a few off the list so if you know of one please let me know. I wanted to write this list even though I hate labels, but because you might have a kink but you don’t know what it is called. It might answer some questions for you.

None of these people should be judged because their kink is different to ours. What they do brings them pleasure just as our kinks bring pleasure to us.

The only thing I do say is all of these roles must be wanted never forced up on a person.

If you wish to ask questions or if you want to give writing a go Contact us … here

If you wish to leave a comment use the window at the bottom of the page. Your feedback is appreciated.

Sir and kitten

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3 Comments on “Different People

  1. Or you can always be a Dom, rigger, sadist, slut like some people you know darling lol. On a serious note we can always choose more then one label to help define us


    • Yes darling, you can roll many different titles together because it is important not to be defined by a label. Be who you wish to be and not Pidgeon holed in one area. It is like the pick and mix candy display, some of this, some of those and I wanted to try those. Thank for pointing it out.


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