I would like to apologise if any work I am doing on the blog is filling your email. It should be over today or tomorrow


2 Comments on “Appology

  1. Nice work with your site, very well done.
    I or we are in this same live style and have been for around 5 years or so. I am the Dom and my husband is my sub. The relationship works out very well for us, we have been married for over 25 years now.
    There are so many wonderful and positive reasons to be in a D/s relationship. I like your idea to let vanilla peeps know that it is a wonderful relationship to be in. I started my blog only to let other women know what they are missing being vanilla. Turns out the bulk of my followers are submissive males however So I write from a bit different prospective for them. Still my blogs are real life for us. I like to share reality.


    • Dorinda I am so glad you like the new site look it was a lot of hard work but I like it too. I am so glad you have the dynamic that works well for you. I wish you much happiness,,, kitten.

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