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This is my way to bring humour into a dour subject and it is how I feel.

Okay this may sound a strange topic but it will become abundantly clear why that title fits me. I have had a double mastectomy recently and I have now got implants. I can’t stop looking at them. I  mean I don’t get them out every few minutes but when I dress or undress, or when I am in the bathroom, well they are just there. I flip up my T shirt and there they are lurking, all round and perfect.

Before surgery I liked my boobs, they had been with me for the longest time. I knew them intimately and I liked them. The were not perfect or as pert as they used to be. There was even signs of a tiny touch of gravity taking hold. They were comfortable, they were me, part of the whole of me.

So now I have two aliens sticking out of me. These round, perfect tits. No sign of gravity and somehow they don’t feel like they are apart of me. They are slightly bigger and I am assured they will take a more natural form later.

Now we get down to the nitty gritty. I loved having my old tits because I knew how much I could enjoy them. I liked them sucked, and slapped and even whipped. My nipples were really sensitive and I responded to them hugely. I liked them bound and nipples clamped. Any thing was fine (well almost anything). Now all this has vanished. What I know has been changed forever.

Now I have two matching tits sitting up high, proud and non-saggy. They are perfect on a body that is far from perfect. When I lay down they don’t move.

The good news is, nipples seem to be working. I have feeling in them, but not as much as I did have. They still become erect so I have hope for them. I know there are people out there in cyberspace that would feel wonderful about having new breasts and I had sometimes had a fleeting wish for bigger ones or non-saggy ones.

I have so many questions and I did talk to my surgeon about them and he has said they will be fine but he is vanilla and knows not what he is speaking of. I want to ask can I use nipple clamps? Can I have them slapped, or whipped or bound in a light way? I mean I don’t want these suckers to explode. That would mean they would leak and end up around my ankles.

I am a diabetic and have insulin shots in the tummy, what if I accidently prick my boob. I have never done it yet, but you never know. Will they go up and down in an airplane as the pressure changes.

Well these aliens and I have a fair way to go from now and no doubt it will be a journey of discovery. I will get used to them and we are on talking terms. I have named them, Shane and Sia, the Barbie twins on occasion. (No mine aren’t as big as their’s) Mine are a rather large C cup not quiet a D, thank goodness.

I have just had a scathingly brilliant idea (Sir runs from the room when he hears that.). When I am all healed, I can take up skipping and with all that jumping they might begin to look more natural.

Now for the serious bit. I am eternally grateful for discovering the cancer with a breast check. I am glad they removed my breasts and ovaries so the cancer can’t come back in  those places. I am also grateful I had the reconstruction. I am not sure how I would have been without breasts.

Now back to fun. If there are any ladies out there who have implants and enjoy BDSM, pleeeeeeeeeaase contact me, my aliens need you.


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2 Comments on “My relationship with my breasts

  1. I do have to take issue with one point in this post. I believe there is a typo, i’m Sure you meant to say perfect tits on a perfect body my love. I for one like the twins


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