This is for all submissives out there that have been emotionally/physically hurt by a Dominant

I want to say right at the start of this, I am very submissive and in a great relationship with an amazing Dom. I kneel before Him and offer Him my submission. I don’t top from the bottom. I can be quiet and subdued with Him but I am unafraid to show my wild side. He dominates that too. I may be submissive but only to my Dom. No one else. I am not weak or a push over. If I had been weak or wishy washy he would not have been interested in me.

Now for the interesting bit. I am His equal, I am free, and I am a rebel. No I am not a brat. I am strong I am intelligent, (so He tells me) and I have a Rapier sharp wit. Please don’t think I am bragging I am pointing out that you can be this way. I never threaten His masculinity or His ego, yes all people have an ego. But I never have to stroke His ego.

What I am trying to say here is Sir loves my fire and rebellion because He loves to see me quell them to submit to Him. He likes that sometimes I get primal, sometimes I am the prey. I am ever vigilant about the way He treats me. He doesn’t put me down but if He did He would know about it. He knows my limits and observes them. I trust him completely.

If your Dom does not value you as something very precious, negotiate, if nothing changes. You can ask for a Meta talk (one outside of your roles) if he still doesn’t change please leave. Cherish yourself enough to walk away. You are beautiful people worth a great deal more worth than some Doms tell you.

Never forget that.

Sir and kitten.

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One Comment on “A show of strength

  1. Without fire, strength and, intelligence how much of a gift is submission really. Yes kitten those are the reasons I love you, a few among many


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