It is midnight I am walking down the city street and the hiss of tires on the wet road almost drown out the sounds of the engines. I have an umbrella but the wind shifts all over the place whistling down alleys and the roads and directs the light drizzle onto me. It is a cold and miserable night and I walk as quickly as I can towards my car. I know of a shortcut down a dark alley so I duck down it feeling damp and miserable. My heels click loudly down the alley and the sound makes me feel so alone.  The alley is longer than it seemed and the end seems such a long way away. I must be halfway down it when I see the deep shadows in a door way. Is that someone in the shadows? Now I am feeling silly, imagining someone in the door way. However I put my head down and walk a little faster.

Suddenly I feel a hand roughly grab me and I am spun around and my breasts are pressed hard against the  wall.  This guy is strong  and his grip on my wrist is punishing as he holds it up into the middle of my back.

‘Please, my money is in my purse. Take it, just don’t hurt me.’

‘I don’t want your money’ he says in a low growl.’

I am shaking badly and I try to look down the alley for people. There are none. I try to look the other way and he says, ‘Keep still.’

I am that scared I do as he says. This is just about surviving and I am so scared I am trembling badly.

I feel him kick my legs apart and I now have some idea about what is going to happen and he leans in to me and rasps, ‘Are you scared my darling kitten?’

‘Yes Sir I am very scared.’

‘Good, because I am going to fuck you right here in this alley.’

I groan lowly and my pussy floods. This is a prearranged thing, but I didn’t know where or when it would happen. My heart is still beating fast. He doesn’t let me go and continues to press me against the wall then he roughly turns me. His hand is on the middle of my chest pressing me, then his other hand reefs up my skirt until it is over my hips. He begins to chuckle lowly and runs his hands up my thighs and he looks in my eyes and says, ‘I don’t think we will be needing these panties.’ and he simply rips them off me. He bunches them up and then wads them in my mouth.

I am wearing a garter belt and stockings and he leans in and says, ‘Quiet the slut. Putting yourself in such enticing clothing, I like it.’ Then he slides two fingers into the purse of my pussy lips then venturing inside of me. He laughs again and draws his fingers out of me and puts them into his mouth, tasting me like some fine wine.

Leaning his shoulder into me, holding me hard up against the wall he undoes the fly of his pants, freeing his cock. He lifts one of my legs up and drives his hard shaft it into me. I try to cry out but my gag muffles the sound and it turns into a low moan. He drives into me hard and fast and he feels me responding. I hold onto his shoulders, fearing my leg will collapse because it is shaking so much.

He pounds into me and there is no tenderness, this is the dragon that lives inside my normally tender Dominant. He impales me and, like a slut I try to press my pussy out, wanting, no, needing this torment. He growls in  my ear like some wild animal and I am battling to breathe. He is the predator and I his prey. He grabs a breast and mauls it. There is no gentleness no love, there is just fucking. He is grunting, some how making him fuck me harder.

I am caught and I am lost to the sensations. My cunt is drenched and I am close to cumming. I try to press him away but find I am holding him closer. I reach the point of no return and I cum, hard and messily. He looks at me and says ‘You are a fucking slut.’

I shake my head but he just laughs that evil chuckle and I am building towards another orgasm. He releases my leg,  pulls out of me before I can cum and he spins me around. He reefs up my clothes and bares my ass. He grabs my hips and pulls them towards him. I try to protest as if this were a stranger. I am caught in the game.

He presses his cock to the portal of my ass. He is wet and he slowly pushes into me. He is surprisingly gentle but when he goes as far as he can, his strokes grow harder and faster. My face is pressed against the cold, rough brick wall and I am being used. I am in heaven. I push back like a whore and he notices. ‘More’ he says lowly and I do it.

He pushes harder into me and I pull one hand off the wall. I put it between my legs and seek out my clit. He reaches round and says ‘No’.

He pulls both wrists up and behind my back. He holds them tightly as he pounds into me. I am so raw, so sexual, I feel myself rising towards orgasm. I get so close and then it explodes. Sir begins to move with a purpose now and I groan with every lunge. He pulls my hair, dragging my face up. He pounds hard punishing my ass. I scream behind my gag and then he drives deep and cums in my ass. I cum a second after him.

When he pulls out of me he pushes me up against the wall, but gently this time. He pulls out the wad of cloth he forced into my mouth and asks, ‘Are you ok baby?’

I am still gasping for air and I say, ‘yes darling.’

He pulls my clothes down and picks up my purse to hand back to me. My umbrella had blown a little down the alley and he collects that for me too. Once I am settled he puts his arm around me and says, ‘Come on kitten, let’s go home.’

Very shyly I say, ‘You were amazing Sir.’

‘So same time next month and I will think of something different for us.’

I smile and we both walk down the alley towards the car. I softly say, I love that dirty mind of yours Sir.’



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