I have dark desires and I have shared them with my Sir but so far we have not really gone into them all up until now. I am both afraid and exhilarated by them. I know I can do it because they came from my previous relationship.  I know that this scene will be wonderful coming from my Sir now. He will have my best interests in mind. That way He will not go too far.

Now this part is the bit that could shock. I enjoy pain, pain turns me on and puts me into sub space in short order. My Sir loves to share my experiences and to see what it does to my body and mind. He loves to dominate me and enjoys the sense of control over it. It can be simple like kneeling for Him to these harsher things.

The subject came up in conversation and I spoke of my darkest desires. He asked me what a deeper level of pain does to me. I told him,  it subdues me, it excites me, it takes me into a space where I totally have no control. A single lash of a harsh whip cracks on my skin and it is like being licked by a demon, the pain balls in my gut and makes my pussy melt. Each fresh stroke of the whip carves my skin with pain, leaving a welt and I know will leave me with deep bruising, It kisses my soul, removes all thoughts and kills my control.

This is no normal whipping which is uncomfortable and still within my limits. This level of pain is pain, turbo charged. It is where I just let go. I don’t spin a scene to get through this I wear each lash, feeling just the whip no room for pictures in my head. It becomes a sexual act and I get so aroused I orgasm. There is no part of my body that does not welcome it’s kiss. Then I fly, transported to that space where reality disappears and you begin to float. My head flops forward, I make little sound and I am completely encompassed by each stroke of the lash. I am deep in the experience.

This is where Sir must be most vigilant and know when enough is enough and He has my complete trust. He will see my reactions or He will tangle His fingers in my hair, tilt my head up and ask. He will slap my face (not hard) to bring me back into the present. He will let me down if I don’t answer. If I am completely in sub space He will lay with me until I rouse but if He times it right I will want to be fucked and hard. Hard fucking can keep me in subspace longer.

After a hard whipping you might need a lot more aftercare. Have welts rubbed carefully with lotion or even antiseptic. Sir will allow me longer to recover and will not leave me for a second until I am back to myself. A hot bath right after a scene like this will make the welts burn more. Make sure the water is cooler.

What I am trying to say here is I had the courage to tell Sir about it and He told me it was fine and He had been wondering what it would be like to do that to me. He brought my darkness into the light.

Sometimes we attach feelings for our fantasy and we tend to judge ourselves as wanting something dirty or dark. I mean what normal person would want to do this and I must be sick if I want that? That is so wrong. Bring it out into the light and you could be delighted. If it becomes something your partner can’t do then you know you are building a stronger relationship with great communication. If your Top respects you He will never put you down for being honest. If you can’t do it all at once then perhaps a milder version of it could be played with.

Dominants and Tops might like to try something new and they might also think it is wrong or dark. Please listen carefully to what they say and consider it carefully. Then decide if it is something you want to do. It is normally easier for a Dominant to talk about these things.

Have fun and stay safe.

Sir and kitten

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