I noticed something that I do not do that other blog writers do and that is to just speak of my feelings and life. Not all my life is sexual, maybe only 30% but it doesn’t take much to get me there as long as it is Sir. Today I rejigged the Fantasy article but I also did the washing, cleaned the kitchen, made the bed and got some shopping done.

Now I am feeling bored, so I write. I love to write. I have written novels and had them published. I have one on Amazon too and that is the first E-Book. I have another one that I am going to publish on Amazon as the second book in a series. Well when I finish it lol.

I have made some big changes to the blog, I hope you all love it as much as I do.

Because of the health issues I am going through, I like to fill my time between treatments and keep my mind engaged. Between Fetlife and this blog it keeps me going and pretty busy.

I must admit I try to write something hot for Sir so he has something nice to read but there are some days the brain shuts down. He doesn’t ask for this I just like doing it.

Last week was exciting and we had a few scenes that were amazing. We shared hours of just talking, loads of cuddles and I had a few tears. My chemo brain is sort of an emotional roller-coaster ride which makes life interesting.

I feel like the luckiest woman on Earth because I have such an amazing man, and when I write erotica most of it is what we do and he is the centre of it all. He is kind, generous with his time and a fun guy. We laugh so much.

So personal journal done and dusted.


Sir and kitten

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