What makes a twue Dom?

Well they are easy to find during the hunting season

(it is always hunting season)

They wear dark suits and white silk shirts. Even to the gym.

so you will be dry cleaning and mending them a lot.

They have expensive gold watches and jewellery

They are knock offs which you will be constantly cleaning because they are brass.

They drive expensive cars (preferably an Audi just like Christian Grey)

Whoa betide you if you can’t afford to meet the rent.

They wear Italian shoes, never sneakers.

You will be asked to lick them often.

They walk in the room and everyone turns to look at him

Well in his own mind.

They have the ‘look’ that melts every woman and bends them to his will.

It means he can’t find his glasses

They are either a CEO or own their own company

He sells pens from home

They are filthy rich,

They might make you go out to work and spend your money.

His word is law, you may not challenge this.

You are a submissive and know nothing.

He will demand there be no safe words or gestures, because he knows how to treat a submissive

He can’t bear to think he is doing something wrong

He has 25 years of experience even if he is only 35 years old.

He has no bloody idea what he is doing so you will have to write instructions for him.

He has trained 30 submissives

How to get away.

He will expect to pick up a submissive with the words, ‘you are mine’.

Learn to yell get away you creep.

He will blame you for anything that goes wrong in a scene. Well he can’t be to blame.

Learn to not punch him in the face.

He will need to be massaged, shaved, and bathed. He would expect you to do all the washing of his body.

Fight the urge to massage Deep Heat into his penis.

He will be addicted to man-scaping and manicures.

He will assume you know how to do man scaping and manicures.

He will spend hours in the gym just to keep his body perfect and chiselled. He has to look like a Twue Dom every hour of every day.

Make sure you can keep his image alive by running your hands over his muscles and use baby oil to make him shine.

He needs you to always tell him how good he is 24/7

Learn to lie

If you argue with him he will show you the door because hundreds of women want him.

He can’t consider he may be wrong and his brain will explode.

He says he is perfect at rigging, even maybe brag about a Japanese Master that taught him,

You might end up with shoelaces around your fingers.



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