Collaring for a submissive or slave is a milestone that should be celebrated rather than just slipping it around your neck and that is that. I think if it is a ritual it means more. I also feel a collar should be earned through loyalty, trust, love, and a deep need to serve your Dominant or Master.

There is an equally important promise coming from the Dominant  of respect, care, trust, love and a promise to take care of you. It is a commitment that is deep and profound. This is not something to enter lightly. I would not recommend collaring immediately. Get to know each other before the commitment is made.

A collaring needs to be thought out and each person writes words of commitment to each other. The submissive kneels and then the words are spoke, with the opening words I promise……. First submissive, Second the Dominant. Done in that order so that He can hear your promises, then reply by accepting your promises.

Should things go wrong and you are both fighting I think therapy to try and solve such problems. Work on the relationship and win back the trust and respect for each other. Do not just try to force the other to want to leave, by breaking limits or not fulfilling the needs of your Dom/Master. This is a spiral downwward into a very dark cesspit.

To have your collar removed there must be concerns laid open but not with cruelty. However, which ever party wishes to break this contract, show respect, speak softly and nurture your partner. Removal of a collar is devastating to both partners. The best bit of advice I can give is to both speak about problems and reasons for the parting. Just remember you loved each other.

If you are in a relationship you have to work on it every day. Never take your partner for granted.

There is a ceremony called the Ceremony of the Rose and it is so beautiful to Bind Master and slave together. I searched on line for a link that expresses the basics of the Ceremony of the Rose and I found them in WordPress. There are certain Ceremonies like the Ceremony of the rose that can be legal like a marriage and you can have your friends and family. Read the one from the link below and you will see why they can’t come to that one.

Have fun and stay safe.


Sir and kitten.

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