We are a couple living in a committed 24/7 lifestyle relationship that is very monogamous. We have been together for quite a few years. I am forty and Sir is a little older. We are not looking for anyone to join us we just want to promote a good slant on the lifestyle and to debunk all the crazy ideas vanillas have about this. We want to offer advice but you need to bear in mind this is our truth so if you are seeking more information search well. If you still have questions about the lifestyle feel free to send us a line and by pressing Contact Us. We respect privacy and do not spam, we just answer questions and comments.

All pictures in this blog have been sought from free pictures sites like …  https://picjumbo.com/…



I also wanted to bring a classy look to the blog.

Anyway enjoy the site.

Sir and kitten

adorable-new-born-kitten-with-dog-friend-r-default     CLICK TO RETURN TO THE HOME PAGE

We are happy to answer any questions. We do not spam or fill your email up with unwanted things. Please contact us …here

If you have a comment to make please make use of the section at the bottom of the page. Your feedback is appreciated.


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