Slavery is not a lifestyle all submissives wish to enter and that is fine. It is also fine if you find the idea of being a slave to be something you would like to try. I am a submissive but I have also been a slave. I was taken into slavery at a fairly young age, eighteen years exactly. Far too young. It was, however, consensual. I walked into it knowing what would my life would be like and it sounded exciting.

I was eighteen.

I signed a contract and because my partner was involved with the law I thought it was iron clad and I had no way out. No contract signed will be held up by the law in the Western countries. It is important you know that. I thought it was all very legal and there was no way out. The sad fact was I didn’t hate what was being done to me and I thought I loved my Master above all else so I strove to make him happy. This part of it was laid out before me before I committed to it.

I was gradually trained in the way of pain and sometimes it got really bad. It became my mission to endure it to show how good a slave I was. That sometimes is very real in some M/s relationships.

I had no safe words, no safe gestures, but I was so well trained I knew if I had either of them, I would never use them because I wanted to serve my Master well. I was going to be the finest slave ever. There was nothing too degrading for me, no rest when I needed it. I was His and I strove to serve Him well.

Is that a perfect Master/slave relationship? I don’t think so. Oh there are lot’s of them out there so be careful. Chains, dungeons, whips, bondage, all are wonderful as fantasies but the reality falls short. Well it did for me.

I was manipulated by the threat that if I could not comply he might as well sell me. I didn’t know that was crap, I just obeyed more and better and faster.

In theory a modern Master/slave relationship can be rewarding for the submissives that wants to serve her Master with a deeper submission. You keep your safe words and gestures. You can agree to consensual/non-consensual scene as they crop up, but not a life time of it. All needs to be negotiated. If you do like it a couple of times then there is no need to negotiate but once you are used to that level you don’t have to negotiate every time. I prefer to have a few days notice simply because of a bad thing that happened to me when I was fourteen. I like a few days as that gives it the spontaneity it deserves. However if it escalates each time this should be addressed.

Signing a contract can be a deeply emotional thing. An agreement between you where you both agree to care for each other. Slavery does not have to be filled with pain.

My one word of advice is never just endure pain. That is abuse. Don’t allow degradation. A little shame is fine but if it is teamed with manipulation don’t stay.

I can’t say this is totally a dispassionate article but it is the best I can do. I wish all of you contemplating this, a safe and wonderful experience.

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Have fun and stay safe.

Sir and kitten

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2 Comments on “A Slave

  1. I think this is my biggest issue with using the term. To me, anything that is no longer mentally healthy is abusive, even if the ‘slave’ no longer recognizes the difference.


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