I get into strange moods and sometimes that runs against my submissiveness. Believe it or not, Sir actually enjoys it, so please hold back your disbelief and enjoy the ride. I know I certainly did.

We were just sitting around and then Sir asks me, ‘Are you feeling tired?’

To me that is a first missile strike. We were just chatting and so I said, ‘no and in answer to your unspoken question I would love to fuck.’ I also had a smug look on my face.

He picked me up and took me to the bedroom He ripped off my clothes then threw me into the centre of the bed and he quickly followed.

‘So you are a needy cunt?’

And then it happened…I slapped his face. I never know what will happen when I do that so it makes me really horny.

His forearm goes over my throat and there is fire in his eyes. We meet in this place on occasions and we both enjoy it.

He looks in my eyes and says, ‘Want to try that slap again?’

I don’t know why but it seemed perfectly right to slap his face again and his cheek is very red. He puts his foot across my throat, not choking me, just making sure I can’t move away. He slides his belt from his pants and doubles it over. He rolls me over and quickly has me head down on the bed and ass in the air. Then One, Two, Three, Four, heavy blows against my ass. Hard uncompromising blows that raise heavy welts on my pale skin. I bury my face, not wanting to scream. I don’t want to show any weakness. One, Two, back of my thighs, just as hard but it is the two on my back that has me screaming. Boy did I scream. I rise up and am pushed back down so my head is against the bed again.

The next thing I know is he is ripping off his clothes and his hard cock is nudging my very wet cunt. I am so aroused it is dripping so it isn’t difficult to ram into me, hard and deep. I cry out loudly  and then moan as he fucks me hard but slowly and my body jerks and my head is banging against the head board. I don’t want to be fucked slow and hard. I want it hard and fast and I do every trick I know to make him want to do just that. Clenching my pussy tight, push my fingers between my legs and feel his cock going in and out of me. One thing is for sure I am not going to beg.

He grabs my arms and draws them around  to my back and holds my wrists tight in one hand. This isn’t for my pleasure it is for his. I am so close to cumming and cry out, ‘can I cum?’

‘No’ is his terse reply.

I groan into the mattress. I can’t help it I begin to move back to him. He lunges I push. I try to speed him up and move faster but he slaps my ass. He will brook no tricks. I have to take what he is giving. Then slowly he speeds up and I cry out desperately to cum.

He leans down over me and says, ‘Cum my needy cunt.’

I need no other encouragement and I cum hard and squirt. I scream hard and finally Sir begins to pound my body. Hard and fast, hard and fast over and over. I am cumming over and over too. I feel like I am being impaled on his cock and my cunt is aching so much but the discomfort spurs me on, make me gyrate more. Softly I moan, ‘Cum in me.’

It is neither a demand or begging. It was just a request.

‘I’m not finished with you yet.’ He pulls out of me then his drenched cock nudges at the portal of my ass and surges forward. He eases in me but strongly. I push back to him. This is something I adore and  yes it makes me cum. I respond powerfully and press back into him. I move backward and forward, like a whore enjoying her work. I push him back, so he is kneeling on his heels and I ride his magnificent cock. He snakes his arms around me and torments my tits, pulling and pinching my nipples. I am feeling wild and free riding the love of my life like an animal. I cum without asking because I know Sir won’t hear the request. He is caught up in my groundswell of passion and we are both primordial. It goes way beyond love making. It is total. Suddenly Sir goes rigid and cums hard deep inside me. I cum one last time and then we collapse together onto the bed and lay holding each other. We are both gasping for breath.

The afterglow lasted a long time and then we both bathed. It was an amazing morning.And yes, I have welts on my back, ass and thighs. There is even bruising and every time I sit down I am reminded of our passionate morning. Yes I enjoyed it and yes so did Sir. I always told you I have a little fire that can get me into trouble, but what wonderful trouble.

Have fun and stay safe.

Sir and kitten

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