She had just agreed to become his submissive after knowing what would be expected of her. He had told her to undress… slowly. She had blushed and, to begin with she couldn’t help but rush. With a few words he stopped her and made her slow down. He was relishing this and had no desire to rush. She was such a beautiful woman dressed but naked, she was magnificent. He had asked her to leave on her stockings and high heels because he loved the look of them. As she stood there looking at him she was trembling even though the room was warm. 

He gave her the blindfold and told her to put it on. He didn’t want her to see what was about to happen. He could tell when she was undressing, that her breath came in short little gasps, her cheeks were rosy and her nipples hard. She was ripe for the plucking. However, this moment couldn’t be rushed or it could ruin the whole relationship. Too much too soon would alarm her unduly. She covered her eyes with the blindfold and to her credit she didn’t try to cheat and leave a little crack so she could see.

He had no desire to be cruel or demolish her will. There was no reason to do that because when a strong woman submits and gets down on her knees for a man, the vision was overwhelmingly powerful. That was why he was a Dominant. He really wanted to just enjoy her, while fulfilling her desires, both light and dark.

With the mirror behind her she was a vision. He smiled as he looked at her because she thought this was going to be rough sex. She didn’t really know what this was going to be like. He had told her but it must have slipped her mind when she agreed to be his. She would learn quick enough. Now he was just watching her, not believing she was really his.

Of course he had submissives before and each one had been different. They stayed for a while then moved on. He knew Elizabeth was different. He was a good Dominant and the others had wanted more pain, which was something that did not appeal to him. Elizabeth was like a fine wine to be to be sipped slowly and enjoyed, never rushed.

As he watched she bit her lower lip. He rose from the bed and walked over to her. He got so close and whispered in her ear, ‘Don’t bite your lip, it turns me on and when you do it I view it as a tease.’


He grabbed her arm, turned her and quickly slapped her ass, ‘That isn’t how you answer me angel.’

‘Yes Sir.’ Her voice trembled as she answered.

Oh this is going to be a wonderful relationship,’ he thought, ‘completely delightful.’


He removed his shirt, his pants, socks and shoes. He goes to her and helped her out of her shoes, then slowly began to roll down one stocking, his finger grazing across her pussy lips. She gasped softly and goose bumps rose on her skin. She is so aroused her nectar forms a droplet, glistening lightly, ready to fall. He ran his finger over her skin and captured that tiny teardrop. He raised his finger and placed it on his tongue. For a split second he closed his eyes and savoured her taste. He was becoming lost in the moment and needed to pull himself together. She deserved him at his best. He removed the second stocking and then stood up, stocking in hand.

He said in a low voice, ‘Angel, I want to tie your hands. You remember your safe word?’

‘Yes Sir’ she whispered softly.

The blindfold was firmly in place so she couldn’t see anything and every sound makes her jump. He leaned in to kiss her succulent lips and allowed his tongue to explore her mouth. She moaned against his lips.

He lifted her hands and tied them with her stocking, not too tightly, just so she could experience his control over her. He didn’t tie them tightly, just enough to give her a hint of bondage. He didn’t want to scare her off. He had to admit she was doing magnificently. 

He placed his hand across her throat but didn’t squeeze it tightly even though it was a thing he loved to do. The hand collar made his dominance rise. He then said, ‘Who do you belong to, angel?’

‘You Sir,’ she whispered softly with a shaking voice.

‘Not yet angel, not yet but by night’s end you will.

He picked her up and took her to the bed. He put her so she was kneeling on the bed, along the side of the bed and he eased her head down while her ass was up. He removed the blindfold. He takes her bound hands and stretched them forward then he tied them to the ring embedded in the footboard. He stroked the skin of her back and she moaned softly. Her little sounds are his guide and he knew she was enjoying this. He had her move her knees forward, ensuring her ass was as high as it could be. He rubbed his hands across her skin, marvelling at the heat and softness of it.

He said in a low gravelly voice, ‘I am going to spank you Elizabeth but I want you to know that I am not angry with you and you have done nothing wrong. I am going to spank you because I enjoy doing it. Do you understand?’

She took in a sharp breath then said, ‘Yes Sir.’ and it was barely more than a sigh.

He ran his hand over her flesh again but then he drew his hand back and smacked her right buttock firmly. She breathed in quickly and let out a little moan. He saw the red handprint on her pale, pale skin He then placed a blow on the other cheek to match the first. This time she let out a little yelp. Instead of striking her again he ran his fingers over the folds of her sex. She flinched and tried to move away. He gently pressed her in the small of her back so that she was back in the correct position. He allowed a single finger to slip inside her and she was very wet. He continued to finger her lightly and is pleased to see her push back to him. He quickly withdrew his finger and smacked her again, this time with a little more force. It made her jump and cry out. Before she could take another breath he struck again, making sure each new blow touched a new patch of skin.

She was crying out with each stroke but she did nothing to evade his hand. He stopped smacking her and then lunged two fingers inside her and began to move them fast, in and out of her. She was squirming and tensing up.

He growled, ‘You can’t cum until I allow it, angel.’

She moaned softly into the bedding and he continued to finger her. He smiled at her, she looked so beautiful. She was also close to orgasm. He removed his fingers, and kneeled up behind her. He kept her legs between his and placed his hard cock against the opening of her cunt. He leaned into her, taking it slowly. She cried out at the size of him easing into her.

Very softly she begs, ‘Please Sir may I cum?’

‘No angel, not yet.’

She had her head against the bed, her face toward the edge. She had tears on her face and her makeup is ruined. He moved in and out of her tight pussy, moving slowly, even though everything in him wants to fuck her hard and long, but he has to remember she was new and he had no wish to rush this moment. This night was for her, for her enjoyment and introducing her to the possibility of what it means to be submissive. He could afford to take his time because she was worth it.

Elizabeth began to make little mewling sounds of need, which he listened to very carefully. When she  is close to cumming he noticed she was pushing back to him so he timed his thrusts to match. She then made little strangled moans. He would slow down to let her settle. Once she did, he built her up close to orgasm once more. Every once in a while he would slap her butt hard, making the already pink skin a darker shade of rose. When  she settled some, he would grasp her hips, digging his fingers into her yielding flesh. Then he brought her close to orgasm again. Time after time he repeated this until a sheen of sweat covered her body.

Very softly he heard the words he was longing to hear, ‘Please, please Sir can I cum, I really need to cum.’

‘The thing you need to understand angel it is about my control  and I decide when you cum.’

She groaned so softly and then said, ‘Please Sir I am desperate, I can’t do this.’

‘You are doing just fine angel, I would like to enjoy you a little longer, can you do that?’

With a low moan she said, ‘Yes Sir’.

Over and over he moved in and out of her, taking her higher then slowing back down until she settled. Her ass was crimson but she made no complaints about it when he continued to spank her.

His excitement was so high now he built up Elizabeth close to orgasm and she begged long and softly. She spoke pretty words of need and He could not help but be touched by her desperation. She reached her peak and screams ‘Pleeeaaaaasssse.’

‘Cum for me, cum now angel.’

She cried out loudly and her body convulsed as a massive orgasm ripped through her. He had driven his cock deep inside her so he could feel her cunt pulse. Her thighs spasm and she cums for a long while. He spread her thighs and began to pound her yielding body. He felt her cum time after time and she cried out loudly each time.

He felt her exhaustion and moved with a purpose. He could feel his balls gathering and he knew he was about to cum. With a low growl he let go and filled her cunt with his creamy cum. He kept moving, rocking slower and slower until he was spent.

He reached forward with his hand and gently eased her head back. He leaned over her to look at her face. Very softly he asked, ‘Who do you belong to angel?’

‘I am yours Sir, I belong to you.’

‘Yes angel, now you do.’



If you would like to try your hand at writing erotic stories or poetry and your blog is not one that you can post this in, or you don’t have a blog, I would happily post them for you as long as it fits in with our blog. I will post it under your name and or anonymously. I give full credit to the author. If you have questions contact us…here

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