I see you coming towards me, down the darkened ally and I shiver. Perhaps it was not a good idea to take the shortcut. I look behind me and there is no one else around so I am alone but for him. He has on a long dark coat with the collar pulled up. His hands are in his pockets and his head is down.  At least he is not watching me. We are getting closer and closer and I look down at my feet, not willing to meet his gaze.  We are directly in front of each other and he shows no signs of changing his route to avoid me.  I take a side step so we don’t collide and for the first time he looks up at me.

His eyes are red, blood red and they seem to be glowing. Oh now I am being ridiculous. Eyes do not glow.


Now we are close, so close I can see his face and he is remarkably handsome but his skin is deathly pale. His long hair is coal black and his eyebrows are as dark as his hair. Against his white skin his lips are deepest red and a pleasing shape. He stops walking and I do too. There is something so familiar about his face but I have never met him before. 


He says, in a very low voice, ‘Eleanor?’


‘How do you know my name?’


‘It is me, Vladimir.’


His accent is thick but I clearly understand him. When he mentions his name something inside me clenches and I feel I know him but I am certain I have never met him before. ‘Do I know you?’


He steps closer and reaches out to touch my face. I quickly move so he misses. He softly says, ‘Yes bella mia , you know me.’


My eyes search his face but I cannot recall meeting him. ‘You are mistaken I have not met you before.’


‘Not in this lifetime, you haven’t.’


This life time?  His use of those words makes my response to him even greater. My face flushes and I feel as if I need to place a lot of space between me and this man. I step sideways again and begin to walk past him. He reaches for my arm and it is caught in a vice-like grip. He is very strong.


I try to wrench my arm from his hand but he has a tight hold of me. I look at him and say, ‘Let go of me.’


‘Eleanor please listen to me. I mean you no harm.’


His voice is strangely hypnotic and it soothes me. I cannot tear my eyes from his. It is like I am drowning in their hellish depths. I mercifully pass out.


I wake up in a strange bedroom. I am slow to rouse and I am puzzled. How did I get here? How long have I been asleep? These are things I cannot fathom. I then become aware that I am naked under the covers. Now I start to panic.


The door opens and the strange Vladimir walks in. I sit up and scoot backwards to sit near the pillows and I clutch the sheet up under my chin. I am lost and afraid. His eyes rake across my body and I feel naked under his scrutiny. He comes and sits down on the bed and softly begins to speak.


‘You are Eleanor de Santi and you were born in Tuscany. We were lovers and were engaged to be married.’


‘You have me mixed me up with someone else. I am Eleanor Smith and I have lived here all of my life.’


‘As I said perhaps in this life. I have been searching for you for three hundred and fifty years.’


‘That is impossible.’ I snap.


‘Not for me Cheri. I am immortal.’


I laugh a brittle little laugh that grates against my ears. This man is insane and I am seriously afraid of him. ‘You must let me go.’


‘I want you to remember me. Then you will understand. We were to be married and just as I found you this night, I was found in a side street by a very beautiful woman but she was hungry. She bit me and from that moment I died and rose by morning. The sun burned me and she took me to an unused warehouse that she used as her safe space. I escaped her and then my whole life was dictated from that moment to always live in the darkness. I wanted to return to you but the hunger for blood was so high in me I didn’t want to inflict the same life on you. Now I have found you and I can’t let you go and I will not let you go. I will turn you and we will face eternity together.’ As he spoke he looked directly into my eyes and I could not turn away. Each word he speaks strokes my emotions and fills my mind with visions.


He has not spoken the word I fear the most. Vampire.  I want to run but my fear is leaving my mind. Where terror resided now comes peace. I feel the way I am drawn to this man powerfully. It is like he is hypnotizing me.


‘I can read your thoughts, my darling. There is no reason to fear me.’


‘You are insane and I do fear you.’


He moves closer to me and he reaches out for my chin. He pulls me close and kisses me deeply. Though his lips are cold, the kiss is scalding. All resistance has left me. The kiss ravishes my mouth and feels like I have never been kissed before, but I have. He lifts his head and smiles.


‘Who are you?’ I whisper softly. My head feels as if it is filled with cotton wool and I can’t seem to clear it.


‘I am the man you have been waiting for,’ and his hand stays on my chin. His touch is so very cold. Like a dead mans. I shiver.


‘I am sorry cherie, my touch is always cold.’ Suddenly he wrenches the sheet from my hands and bares my body. He looks at every inch of me and I blush, but I can’t lift my hands to try and cover myself. He makes a guttural sound that seems so sexual, like a hunger but I do not feel afraid as I should do.


His eyes return to mine and he says, ‘I have waited so long for you but I am done waiting, I wish to make you mine.’


Quietly I say, tasting the word on my tongue ‘Yours…..’


‘Yes, cherie, MINE.’


He stresses the word and it shakes me inside. What is happening to me? He answers as if I had spoken the words aloud. ‘You are becoming mine and it feels right doesn’t it?’ 


‘Yes’ I whisper. 


He suddenly stands up about three feet from the bed and he stretches out his hand for me. I cannot refuse. I move to the edge of the bed and put my legs over the side. I take his hand and stand before him completely naked and vulnerable. He leans into me and says, ‘Kneel my princess.’


I cannot sort out my senses and I slowly kneel down before him. I look up at him and he smiles down at me. ‘How perfect you are my darling, just as you were all those years ago.’ 


I smile and just look up at him. I am shocked because this feels so right. On my knees before him as if I were his slave. I am an independent woman of the twenty first century and on my knees. It was never an option I considered before but right now it feels like I have craved this forever. 


He fumbles with the buttons of his fly and his erect penis springs out of his trousers as he does not wear underpants. His cock is huge and my eyes go wide. Without needing instructions I move my mouth close to the tip. I do not suckle it but flick my tongue over and around the glans. My right hand goes around the shaft so I can torment him easily.  Pretty soon I can resist no longer and I suck the tip and swirl my tongue around it. His hands tangle in my long black hair and exerts just a little pressure and I take him deeper. I curl my tongue around his cold flesh and begin to press him deeper. Pretty soon I feel it at the back of my throat. I lean in further and feel the tip open up my throat and I take his entire length. His hands hold me there and I cannot breathe. I do not take my eyes from his and he notes a look of panic in my eyes and lets me pull back and breathe. I then move back and forth a little, enjoying the taste of him. His cock was once cold but my mouth is warming him up.  


I am not an adventurous girl sexually but now I am as skilled as a highly paid whore. Saliva runs from my lips and down my body. I gag and heave sometimes but it does not stop me. I ignore the mess I am making. I tease his balls with my free hand and I no longer having to hold his cock. His head is back and he is groaning in pleasure. I can’t believe it and I am responding too. My pussy weeps tears that roll down my thighs. 


‘Play with yourself’ he commands. 


I do not need any more encouragement and I find my clit. Just a few moments later I am cumming, and I squirt my cum everywhere. His cock is deep in my throat and he can feel my throat quiver in reaction to my orgasm. 


His hands in my hair urge me to my feet with a slight pull. He walks me back to the bed and he pushes me onto it.  I am on my knees and he pushes my head down to the mattress. I feel him take my hands up behind my back and he uses his belt to restrain them. My heart is thudding in my chest but a new hunger has risen inside me. I am desperate for him to slide his cock inside me. I am tiny, just a bit under five foot and I have a tight cunt. I am wondering how he is going to get his large penis in me. 


Instead of fucking me he begins to slap my ass hard and I yelp. Again and again he drives the pain into my ass cheeks. I moan and cry out but he doesn’t stop. My skin feels tight and burns like hell. Instead of protesting, my cries switch from fear into desire. I cannot believe how much I am enjoying this. Without warning, I orgasm hard and squirt even harder.  Then the spanking is over. I feel the head of his cock nudging into my cunt. I groan lowly as he gently slides into me. His cock is hot and so large.


He groans lowly and then says, ‘I had forgotten how tight you are my darling, but I cannot be gentle. I need to fuck you hard and deep.’ 


I can’t speak but I make little mewling sounds of pleasure. He pulls back then drives back inside me. I cry out in discomfort but there is also passion too. After a while I cannot breathe and a powerful orgasm bursts to life in me. He pushes in deeply to feel my spasms as I orgasm. When it is over he goes back to ramming in and out of me.


Suddenly he pulls out of me and my body mourns the loss of him. However he is not done with me. The head of his cock nudges my asshole and I try to squirm away. He leans in close and rasps ‘Trust me and relax. You can do this.’ 

I moan and bury my head face down on the bed. I do my best to relax but all I can see is his massive cock in my mind’s eye. It will never fit in there. He reaches for something then I feel a fluid trickling over my asshole. He massages it in then he places his cock over my ass and begins to stretch me open. I cry out in alarm as the head goes inside me and he waits for me to adjust. He strokes my back tenderly and I let go. Inch by inch he slides in and I am gasping over and over. I am appalled when I feel myself responding and I orgasm messily and forcefully. When he is in, he groans and is still for a moment. Then, as if a dam bursts he pulls back and drives back in hard. I groan, wiggle a little and battling to keep breathing.


His control has gone and he fucks me without being concerned about my comfort and I am loving every moment of it. He is almost lifting my knees up from the mattress with every lunge. I am screaming out his name and this drives him wilder. Suddenly he groans, I cum powerfully and he fills me with his sperm. 

He pulls out of me and we both collapse onto the bed, tangled together. I am shocked at how warm Vladimir is. He is stroking my face with his warm fingers and I have to ask, ‘You’re warm, why?’ 

He strokes my hair back from my face and he says, ‘Because we belong together and every time we make love, I come back to life.’ 


‘Will you stay this way?’ 


‘Only when we make love.’ 


He smiles at me and then says, ‘There is something I have to do to you Eleanor.’ 




Without saying anything else he begins to move down the bed. He spreads my legs and starts to plant hot little kisses up my inner thigh. I lay back and moan softly. He reaches the top, looks at me and says, ‘I love you cheri.’


He smiles that sexy smile and I let my head fall back with soft little mewling sounds of a re-awakened passion as I think he is going to torment my clit with his tongue. 


Instead, he bites into my femoral artery and drains me of blood. I don’t even cry out. I watch his face as my mind dies slowly and it begins to fade. I died quickly knowing I was going to rise once more as an immortal. After twenty four hours I will arise as his vampire bride and together we will walk through our immortal lives hand in hand.





If you feel as if you have an erotic story in you but you don’t have a blog, or you have one that isn’t suitable to support it, I would be happy to post it here under your own online name with full credit. Also if  you have questions contact us… here

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