He takes me to a darkened room

and tethers hands up high

I can escape the coming fire

with just a single word

My throat, closed by need

the silence becomes deafening.

The first lick lands straight and true

Pain kisses my skin

with the heat of a devil’s tongue

The second becomes a fire.

The third unlocks my throat,

I cry out softly.

My head flops forward,

Neck fluid without bone.

My mind slips,

into my dark desires.

My body transforms

and takes me deeper in.

This place I know

and so does He.




If you have questions or would like to try your hand at writing erotic stories or poetry and your blog is not one that you can post this in, or you don’t have a blog, I would happily post them for you as long as it fits in with our blog. I will post it under your name or anonymously. I give full credit to the author. Have a go contact us… here

If you have a comment to make please use the section at the bottom of the page. Your feedback is appreciated.



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