I am tied, I am bound, cannot move. I close my eyes and start to fly.

My body aches, my body’s bent, I feel your hand around my neck.

There is no time, there is no grace. My body floats locked into place.

There’s no room, for thoughts of doubt. I cannot think I cannot shout.

Behind my eyes is just your face. Your hand, Your hand holds my soul

Between my legs is molten honey. I feel it not, there’s just your hand.

You gently squeeze, the air away I know you count the moments by.

And then sweet air fills my lungs a quick breath in then two then four

You then untie my legs hard bound and split my thighs and pierce my core

My feelings gone to burning heat my skin on fire He torments me.

Battered body, battered mind. All thoughts pausing, upward climb.

Body swinging bodies crashing juices flowing flame inferno.

Can I can I? No not yet. Holding hard, I need to cum.

Then the word I need to hear. Exploding fireworks in my soul.

Me reduced to shooting stars, the peace the calm and only Him

His burning lips upon my mouth claims me as his for evermore




If you have questions or would like to try your hand at writing erotic stories or poetry and your blog is not one that you can post this in, or you don’t have a blog, I would happily post them for you as long as it fits in with our blog. I will post it under your name and or anonymously. I give full credit to the author. Contact us …here

If you have a comment to make please use the section at the bottom of the page. Your feedback is appreciated.


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