So much of this life I lead is done behind closed doors, hidden from friends and family. I know there are many others like me. I mean not many of us have ‘come out’, so to speak. I have to wonder why not? I mean yes I am completely comfortable with who I am and with what Sir and I do. It is no business of anyone else, but am I ashamed of my sexuality? Hell No! However do I tell my daughter? No. The only reason I don’t is because she is exploring her own sexuality right now. I have talked with her about sex and safety and relationships. She is pretty good with knowing what she wants. Do I throw in the ‘I am a submissive’ bit? No I don’t.

She has read all of the Fifty Shade books because she wanted to. She gave them back with the comment ‘No man is going to smack my ass’ which left me almost peeing myself with laughter. Then came the inevitable would you? I was honest and said yep. Lol then I got a ‘You’re weird’ as she walked away. That was that, done and dusted. Mind you, you are reading the words of a woman, who, when asked what is oral sex, I said it was talking about sex. She was 13 years old. A few weeks later she asked me what is oral sex? I repeated my answer and she grinned and said ‘oh no it isn’t’. She looked very smug to have caught me out. God Bless sex ed.

She is 18 years old now and I swore from that point I would always answer questions truthfully. She knows that and funnily enough she doesn’t ask me any questions now.

…but I digress.

Why should what we enjoy doing live in the dark recess of our minds?

I know that violence toward women is a big cause these days and I support it whole heartedly but it has nothing to do with my sexual preferences. I am a free woman that chooses to kneel before my man and I am deliriously happy. It is like a fever in me and Sir loves that it is. I am never lying on my back, motionless while a man tries to fuck me in a boring way. I don’t do that, I can’t do that. I never fake orgasms, or watch TV during sex. I don’t say no because Sir is so in tune to me, he knows when I am needy.

So I thought, can’t we get a silicon bangle that says ‘BDSM is beautiful‘. Or a badge that says BDSM. I wonder how many people would actually wear one. Shall we come out of the dungeon?

I doubt it. I don’t think the world is ready for it. There will always be bastards out there that will see BDSM and think it is ok to beat up a woman or force her to have sex. So do we need to bring it out into the open?

Perhaps not. I don’t think the world is ready for us, but DAMN I am not ashamed.


Have fun and stay safe.

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