I was talking to Sir this morning and I find that very often He says something to me that makes me moan, so I thought why not write about those things. Then I thought maybe you could add what makes you moan in pleasure in the comments. So here goes…

  • A light caresses on my face my face with the back of His fingers.
  • He strokes my lips so very lightly with the pad of his thumb and I suckle it into my mouth and moan.
  • There is never just a peck on the cheek. He kisses my lips so tenderly and I am swept up into it and I moan soft against His lips.
  • The power of a mind fuck whispered in my ear is overwhelming and I cannot stifle a moan. I might have to wait for hours but my mind runs with it. When He caresses me with a light touch to draw me into the play I moan softly because I know we are entering a magical, mystical ride.
  • Ropes touch my mind just as much as my skin. As soon as I see them out and ready for use it instantly excites me. The very touch of it against my skin makes me moan. Being in ropes takes me to a place where all is calm and I ‘melt’ into them
  • Soft caresses or kisses on my neck,  sends shivers down my spine and I moan. If Sir kisses my neck I know I am not leaving the room without being fucked.
  • Having my feet rubbed makes me moan. It would seem I have a connection from my feet to my pussy.
  • I adore worshiping Sir’s cock I do tend  to  moan against His cock. He groans and puts his hands on my head to set the pace and my mouth and throat obey.
  • Bathing together and Sir washes and rubs away all tension from my shoulders I moan with the release of each aching spot.
  • Smells impact strongly on me (I am a Taurus you know lol) so when Sir wears Joop, or another cologne, when He is fresh out of the shower and even when He comes in from mowing the lawn. He may have sweated but He has a clean man smell that drives me crazy and I moan. Smell is something very few people consider. It can set the mood and make you feel very sexy. Sir also loves my perfumes.
  • We have something we do and that is to say I love you and kiss each other before we go out alone and when we get home. Whenever I say I love you He says I love you more.
  • His hand around my throat, gripping tightly even sometimes blocking my air makes me moan after I have dragged in more air. (It sounds dangerous but He is very experienced and knows what He is doing.)
  • When Sir rips off my clothing, or if He cuts it off It excites me so much and along the way I moan… a lot.
  • Sensual play is designed to make a submissive moan, foods, hot wax, the Wartenburg Wheel, a blindfold, a feather and a violet wand, all designed to inflame your senses and you will moan until the end of play.
  • A breast pressed against me is time for many long moans.


These are just a few but if you can think of what makes you moan please add in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Stay safe and have fun,

Sir and kitten

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