Sharing is a pretty self evident subject but it might be worth talking about it with your Dominant before you enter into your relationship. I made sure Sir knew almost immediately that I didn’t want to be shared with other men. Some submissives find it exciting I find it confusing. I have given my submission to Sir and not to anyone else. However, this is my choice and there is nothing wrong with what you desire, if it is your choice. The only emphasis in this article and that is choice.

Sharing means either introducing a third into a scene or loaning you out to another person, either male or female for a sexual encounter.

There is also another kind of sharing and that is to allow you to accompany a person to an event, but there is no sexual act. You would simply become an escort in the old sense of the word, not a prostitute.

My Sir knows I’m bisexual and it is something I enjoy. He has made it clear that if I have a need to have sex with a woman he is fine with that. He also doesn’t mind if he is not there. To me that would be cheating on him and I won’t do that, so any woman I become close with, Sir will be involved. To me that isn’t sharing and yes I know that is being pedantic. It has always been a choice for me, never a request or a demand from Sir.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing and it can bring another level of pleasure and passion to your relationship. Just consider all aspects of the sharing and please consider jealousy. Your Top might be fine with the idea of sharing, or introducing a third but afterwards there might be questions. Did you enjoy the third more than your top? Did your Top enjoy the new bottom more than you? All questions like this can be destructive. If you are the jealous type please don’t introduce a third.

The important thing about sharing is to be very confident about your partner and even more important is to be confident in yourself.

I would place Sharing on your hard or soft Limits so you are perfectly clear about the subject. If you are 100% sure you are fine with it, then go ahead. There is nothing wrong with sharing and if you crave it, talk to your Dominant. Consider what you think you would enjoy about it. Remember it really is up to Top but you can use a safe word. On the other foot is the question would your Top enjoy the experience if he did invite a third? If there was a Top male having sex with you he must know he won’t end up punching them on the nose, so to speak.

Swinging is something that is not strictly in BDSM but if you are taken to a gathering of Dominants and submissive, swinging may take place and both parties will take different sexual partners. As long as both parties are happy with the arrangement then enjoy yourselves. Make sure you take the right precautions for your good health, like condoms.

Polyamory is the practice, desire, or acceptance of intimate relationships that are not exclusive with respects to other sexual or intimate relationships, with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. It has been described as a ‘consensual, ethical, and responsible non-monogamy’, and may or may not include polysexuality (attraction towards multiple genders or sexes.)


Have fun and stay safe.

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