Submissives kneeling in a number of poses are very pleasing to Dominants and Masters. They find this an act of complete surrender and that is something only the submissive can do. They might have seen pictures of girls posing but it is much better in real life.

Poses are not done to shame the submissive but it is done by the submissive for the real feelings of the act of submission. In turn that excites both sides of the of the dynamic.

When the submissive strikes a pose they should clear their mind and control their breathing as in yoga, slowing it down to achieve a calm manner. Sir and I are lucky enough to have a special room equipped for our BDSM life. If I know we are going to go in there I will ask Sir for a few minutes so that I can go into the room, kneel and calm myself. I can calm my body but not my mind, that is working over-time. I breathe slowly, letting my sexual being take over. By the time Sir joins me I am still but ready for anything. Finding that place in my mind is where submission rules.


Have fun

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Sir and kitten

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