This is a page of different things that I will do my best to describe. They are things that might not merit a whole page of description. I will keep adding as we go along.

  • Abuse happens when you are pushed over your limits or when something makes you feel bad about yourself after some scenes that are sprung on you.  From the first time it happens I would leave but that is up to each of you. It doesn’t mean that if you enjoy a scene you become less of a lady or a gentleman.
  • Age Play, is the scene where the submissive acts younger than they really are.
  • Bimboising. This is a scene where women are encouraged to make themselves look and act like a Bimbo. (please excuse the spelling I have no idea if it is correct)
  • Blindfolds are used to heighten the effects of Sensation Play
  • Body Chocolate, is used to put on a body to make licking and sucking more fun. Cheap body chocolate tastes awful so spend a little more. Do not heat normal chocolate it can burn!
  • Bull Whip is a heavy long whip.
  • Contracts. These are not legally binding but they can deepen your sense of belonging for the submissive. Within the words you write your rules and limits.
  • Cum Slut, dirty talk for a submissive that loves cum all over her body, in her mouth, or in her vagina and anus.
  • Daddy Dom is a Dominant that cherishes his submissive in a helpless form such as a child. THIS IS NOT AN INCEST FANTASY.
  • Dirty Talk, something done in sex, usually enjoyed by both partners where words are used that might not be used during the rest of the time.
  • Fisting, stretching the vagina or anus so the fist can be inserted. The drawn backs are permanent stretching of both orifices and can cause a prolapse.
  • Flogger is a whip with a ridged handle and many thongs of leather. They come in varying lengths.
  • Foot and Shoe Fetish is the adoration of the feet and shoes and is a huge turn on for some people.
  • Golden Showers or Pee Play this is the peeing on the submissive or even peeing in their mouth but I think that is terribly unhealthy so maybe not go that far.
  • Hot wax, this is dripped over a submissives body. Make sure you use the right candles so buy them from an adult shop. Causes a little hot feeling then it hardens.
  • Ice, is used in sensations play and is rubbed on the skin.
  • Ménage est trois (again excuse spelling) is sex with three people.
  • Paddles are a leather or wooden implement to use in spanking and whipping.
  • Pearl Necklace is cumming on the sub’s neck throat and chest.
  • Princess Play, this is a very loving  and gentle relationship where the submissive is loved and cherished but may be spanked when naughty.
  • Quirt is a whip with a split strand of leather.
  • Sensation play is where a submissives eyes are masked and different sensations are then given to their body.
  • Sissifying, transforming a male to look like a woman to humiliate them.
  • Slapping, a single blow to the body as opposed to spanking . It can be on the face, but a slap to the body turns into spanking on any other place on the body.
  • Twue Dom is the derisive name given to Doms that try to live within the stereotypical role of a Fantasy Dom and fails miserably. They are the type that would break your limits, and try to break the rules so it fits in with their fantasy.
  • Violet Wands come in many sizes and shapes and introduces tingling electricity to the body. It is pleasurable on lower settings and can get a bit pinchy at higher settings. Used in sensation play.
  • Wartenburg Wheel. This is a pin wheel that is run across the skin and can be wonderfully exciting or painful.

Have fun and stay safe

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