Trigger Warning, C/NC scene

This is one of the most contentious things within the BDSM lifestyle and much care must be taken over it. THIS IS NOT A RAPE FANTASY. No woman wants to be raped and I will not subscribe to anything that is labelled a rape. I hope that is clear. However some submissives like to not be in control so this is a rough control scene. The feeling of helplessness can be very erotic to some submissives.

The first thing that needs to be done is a huge amount of communication. You need to know how much force can be used, and things like hair pulling, whipping, bondage, slapping etc. The submissive can still use their safe word or gesture. Forget this part at your own peril. Also a need for the Dominant to be able to control themselves is key too. They cannot afford to lose control at any time.

If you can’t guarantee this, don’t do the scene.

Once you have figured out what will happen with your partner it becomes a consensual/non-consensual scene. To add an element of surprize, let your submissive know that it will happen in the next three – seven days and you are set. Now let me give you an idea of what can happen but every experience is different…

A moment in time is a gift and life is made of many moments…

Sir has been out to the store and it is growing dark. I wonder what is taking so long. There is a knock at the door and I open it. There is no one around.  A man in a dark hoody grabs me. He wraps his hand in my hair and pulls me back into him. His hand finds my throat and squeezes not so much that I can’t breathe just a tight grip that marks me as his. He breathes into my ear, ‘I think you are in a whole lot of trouble little kitten.’

I begin to fight and struggle but there is no way I can pull free. My heart is beating hard and my mind goes back to when Sir had told me this was going to happen a day ago and I was to fight with all my might. We have played this scene a dozen times but it is as exciting each and every time.

He pushes me down to the playroom. He takes me to the bed and I can see rope coiled ready. He pushes me over the bed and puts his knee on my back as he ties my hands together over my head. I try to pull them free but the rope is much too secure for that. He then drags me to the centre of the room where he uses another rope to restrain me, hauling my hands up and attaching the rope to a hook in the ceiling. He pulls the rope taut but not so high that my feet are off the floor.

I begin to fight, kicking out at him, cussing and screaming.

He smiles wickedly and says, ‘Oh bad kitten.’

He takes a flip knife out of his pocket and from the back he expertly cuts away my clothing. Soon my dress and underwear lay in tatters on the floor. ‘That’s better, lil girl.’

‘Fuck off.’

‘Let’s see if I can find anything to tame you with.’

I swivel around and watch as he plucks down a whip from the rack. I start to struggle and he uncoils the rope. It is six foot long and as wicked as it looks. ‘Keep away from me you mother fucker.’

There is a hiss and the whip is flat against my ass but curls around to crack on my hip. I scream loudly and jerk in the binding. He comes up behind me and sticks the handle between my legs. He then drags it over my clitoris, pulling it over and back until I am moaning softly. Then when I am so close to orgasm I can taste it, he takes the tormenting whip away. I swear at him trying to kick him again then another hiss and a line of fire erupts on my ass. I scream loudly, not so much in pain more in outrage. Another then another burning welt erupts on my ass. I clench my teeth and refuse to cry out and give him the satisfaction.

‘Good girl kitten, don’t scream. Show me how strong you are. He reaches down to my pussy and fingers my clitoris roughly. I try to press my legs together but there is no stopping him. I try to wiggle away but I can’t. Suddenly I orgasm messily and moan softly. My body jerks and twitches as it was a strong climax.

His arms snake around me, his hands finding my breasts and he holds them tightly. He finds my nipples and pinches them tight. He pulls them and I moan softly in pleasure.

‘No fight left kitten?’

‘More than you know, bastard.’ I arch my back and with my ass I push him back from me. Try as I might I can’t manage to hit him with my kicks.

He chuckles and moves around to the front of me. He cracks the whip loudly but not on me. He is trying to frighten me but I won’t let him.  He then strikes out and targets my thighs. It is unexpected and I dance on my toes, trying to pull back. Another and then another in quick succession has me hopping from foot to foot. Despite this I am so aroused I am close to orgasm.

I watch as he doubles the whip and gasp as he kicks my legs apart. Before I have time to react he flicks the doubled over whip onto my clitoris and a massive orgasm rips through me. My legs buckle but He steps in and puts one arm around me. He uses the quick release and frees my tied hands. He carries me to the bed, throws me on my back. He hauls up my legs and pulls me to him. He frees his cock and buries it deep inside me. There is no restraint, no gentleness, just animal rutting. I am cumming over and over groaning and my head is twisting back and forth, tossing my brown hair.

He flips me over then pushes my head down on the mattress and hauls up my ass. He slams into my pussy hard and uncompromisingly. He digs his fingers in my ass cheeks and fucks me hard a rough.

Suddenly He goes rigid and fills my cunt with his cum. I am spent and He whispers in my ear, ‘Who do you belong to?’

‘You darling Sir, only you’.

We collapse together on the bed and He wraps me in his arms and hold’s me until I settle and then asks, ‘Did I hurt you angel?’

‘Only in a good way Sir, just like you always do.’

The afterglow wraps around us and we will bask in it for a while. Later we would bathe but right now he offers me juice and some chocolate and we just cuddle.

This scene leaves me with a deeper level of satisfaction but not every woman will enjoy this as I do. It gives Sir a deeper satisfaction because he knows how much I enjoy it. He can see it and feel it. He finds it exciting as I do but if I didn’t enjoy it he would not expect it.

Please take great care with this and make sure you both know exactly what will happen. Make sure the submissive is not gagged because emotions run wild in this sort of scene and they might panic or hyperventilate. Watch them very carefully because a panic attack can and will be a real passion killer.

The other thing is to build this kind of scene up slowly over months before going for the full one.

Be really careful

Have fun and be safe.

Sir and kitten.

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