This is a big subject to cover considering it is just a smallish part of the female body. These are the outer part of a woman’s femineity. They are the thing many men notice first. They come in many sizes and shapes. Some are big and some small. Some are pert and some sag. Some are real some are enhanced. The one thing that links them all is most girls and women like the feelings of pleasure that come when their breasts are touched and tormented.

Not leaving all you guys out, I know many of you like to have your nipples touched, pinched, sucked and all things like that. Many of you also like a little torment now and again.

What level of torment is pleasurable? Only the woman/man can say that, never the partner. Remember you have limits hard and soft. A soft limit is an experiment for you to find your own level with your partner.

This is something that can vary wildly and will be left to you and your partner.

  • Breast bondage has been done for hundreds of years throughout history. It originates from Japan where bondage was used as a subjugation of women and also as an art form. Kinbaku is the rope work used for erotic effect and Shibari is a word for all rope work. I don’t want to get into a history lesson about breast binding. Done right it can be a really exciting. Done wrong it can be damaging. As done above it is fine and there is no circulation loss, add clamps and you are set. The picture above is an example of Kinbaku and you will note, even though it is a black and white picture there is no discolouration of the breast. It is mainly for the stimulation of being bound not strictly for torment.


  • This is a form of breast binding but as you can see the breast has not really discoloured and has incorporated bamboo stick clamps to add an edge of discomfort. Nipples under pressure are more sensitive. Make sure your partner knows what they are doing and at the first sign of a deep colour change, numbness or pins and needles, remove the binding.


I consider this to be unhealthy and can damaged the nerves and breast tissue. It will also lead to sagging breasts. There is no quick release knot that I can see. Again if you like this I can see no wrong if you have all the facts and both parties are consenting.

Next are clamps and there are so many different kinds. If you start with a cheaper pair with a chain between the clamps you will find they are not very harsh. There is a few rules with this too and it is a safety caution. Do not use nipple clamps for a long time without releasing for a short while to allow good circulation. Small little thing, when they are released they can be quite painful. It isn’t anything you won’t be able to stand so don’t fret. If your partner sucks them it might help.

  • This journey begins with the humble clothes pin. Simple, easy and close to hand. To make it interesting and if you are comfortable allowing your partner to get inventive and make a zip line. No not one in the garden. Like this:-


  • This is a zip line and there is a rule to this too. Don’t clamp the nipples or clitoris with this because your partner is going to rip it off. The breast and labia are fine. The pain is a sharp pain all at once if they are pulled off quickly, a torment if slow. Never make a zip line with harsher clamps. It would take you to a whole new level of pain.

Clamps come in a lot of shapes and intensity. Check them out at your local adult shops.


Breast slapping

Breast slapping is something else to consider. This needs to be something to explore with your partner and build up to it with regards of discomfort or pain levels. With larger breasts you might need to support them.


Breast torment can involve flogging with different instruments.

You will see different forms of flogging. With most of these they look worse than they are because,  well it adds to the drama. All models are asked before the shoot what kinds of things they like and what their safe word is and after the scene they are usually bubbly and they have had a good time. I have a guilty secret I have seen one or two porn clips.

There is a warning here. If any implements are used please thrust your breasts out and pull your head back because you do not want to lose and eye or even damage one.


There is another form of torment and they are little suction cups. They make your nipples swell to great lengths. Well not that bad. They do go back to normal size after a little while. They have bigger ones but I have never tried them.

There are other forms of pain but they go into the realm of torture and I am not going there but more power to you if you do. Perhaps my pain tolerance is not too high.

A word of caution… if you have implants please ask your doctor about the impact issue. Also binding will put them under pressure.

Well I think I have touched on most things and I hope it has helped you to understand the things that can be done for pleasure. If you are not used to any of  these things please experiment. They can be put on your soft or hard limits.

I adore having my breasts tormented. I love pinched nipples, I love my breasts being slapped and flogged. I love nipple clamps. I am a bit of a pain puppy but I don’t need pain to enjoy myself. My pain levels are under the control of Sir and  he is a gentleman that rarely goes over my pain tolerance. If he makes a mistake he immediately stops and takes care of me. Accidents happen to everyone so be open to the idea that your partner is doing the best they can. If it happens more than seldom you need to have a good talk to partner.

Have fun and be safe,

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