Ok people don’t choke or panic, we have arrived at one of the things that a lot of people baulk at. Putting your mind at ease anal sex can be really enjoyable.


If you have never indulged in this practice then you will have questions. Does it hurt? Is it dirty? Will it make my sphincter stretch? I will try to answer your questions before you ask them.

Before you attempt to have anal buy some lubricant and wear a butt plug and start small and then go larger but nothing huge you don’t need that. It should not hurt at all but they will stimulate you. Really they are to make you more comfortable with having something in your butt. You just might be panting if you have to go around doing your thing with a princess plug inserted. Do not try to insert other things in your butt. A butt plug is designed to not slip inside you and you don’t want a trip to the ER to have a carrot removed. Make sure you keep your plugs very clean and sanitized after use. Give it another wash before use.

When you are used to that it is time to move up to letting your partner insert a vibrator or a dildo into your butt during some form of scene. Again start slowly and you have a safe word so use it if you feel any pain but you can ask your partner to wait for a minute while you settle. It can feel a little alarming but the big thing here is for you to relax or it will be uncomfortable. Lubrication is so very important.

Now it is time for your partner to use his penis or your Domme can use a strap on. He or She is not about to ram right into you without giving you time to relax. If it is the first time they will be gentle, that is the sign of a good Dominant. What they want to do is to let you enjoy it because if they have got you this far it is odds on they will want to do it again.

The act will stretch your sphincter but it will quickly go back to normal. If you allow really enormous things in there it is going to be stretched but 99% of cocks will fit in. The reason men like it is because it is tight and the sphincter runs up and down the shaft of his cock. If your partner suggests fisting, that is a whole different kettle of fish and should not come up during the time he is in your ass. That is something you need to think about in the cold light of day. It can prolapse your bowel and make you looser than you are normally.

Now some of the earthy part of the chat. Yes, what goes in there will come out smelly, it is your butt for goodness sake. You can prepare with an enema to makes sure you are empty. If your male partner is a bit put off he can wear a condom. If those things bother, you can do anal in the shower and that covers all the bases.

Now for the good news. For women the nerves of the clitoris reach right down to your anus and it is possible you will orgasm. If you do there is more of a chance of squirting. For men, your prostate is in a place where a dildo or strap on will massage it and stimulate you.

Right now for some health warnings.

  • Do not put anything that has been in your butt in either your mouth or vagina.
  • If doing a double insertion (vagina and anus) be carful as the wall between both is easily damaged.
  • If you stick huge things in either orifice it will lead to a great deal of stretching plus if you do that to the anus it could very well leak. The vagina can too.
  • Keeping yourself clean take care with after care because is really important.
  • If your partner ejaculates in your anus it will need to come out so a trip to the bathroom will be in order.

Apart from these things you can have fun. Anal sex has long been a taboo subject but it can be a wonderful source of pleasure.

Have fun and stay safe

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