Drop may occur for a Top or bottom and they can sometimes be different where the Top seems to suffer to a lesser degree it has enough merit to mention in this article.

Of both roles bottoms report drop far more frequently than tops. Many tops report never suffering from drop. As a result, the term sub drop is far more common to hear about. Speculation as to why tops are less frequent to report drop include the different ways they feel and experience a scene. When it is mentioned it is just as important to take care of so keep your eyes open all you submissive. Tops do not often get as high as bottoms  during a scene, so are less likely to experience a crash. They are less likely to discuss vulnerability openly. If a sub suffers a drop, Doms step in to help as soon as they see it. Submissives must always keep an eye on their Dominants to do the same. Doms are less likely to be influenced by their hormones. Dominants use a more adrenaline high than  emotional, because of the difference in activities, and feeling tired after is less likely to be seen than an emotional low.

If it is going to happen, the symptoms of drop will generally set in within 24-72 hours after an intense scene. It can be the pendulum reactions to subspace, and could result in a crash with symptoms like depression. The symptoms may include, difficulty with concentration, fatigue, feelings of hopelessness. Also guilt, just generally feeling down. Restlessness, bad mooded, insomnia, not wanting to engage in activities including sex. There could be over eating or loss of appetite. Persistent aches and pains, the depressant feelings of sad, anxiety of feelings of emptiness which can include thoughts of suicide.

Dom/sub drop and symptoms, will vary widely between those that experience them and also with each bout.

If symptoms do not clear up within seven days, take the person experiencing it to a medical professional.

Several things tend to limit, and even stop the drop.

Take Vitamin B and Fish Oil If you plan on having some heavy play sessions in the near future, start taking some extra vitamin B and Fish Oil supplements a few days before the scene and for a few days after. This will help replace many of the minerals that can be lost from your adrenaline and endorphin highs. It will help decrease the potential for drop, and its effects.

Ensure you have eaten and hydrated properly before a scene. Keep bottles of water where the scene takes place and offer them often.  Alcohol will generally work against hydration. Please try not mixing alcohol  or any other intoxicants with a scene as both of you need as clear a mind as you can have.

Take longer building up and slowing down the scene.  Drop is far less likely to occur with gradual scene build up, and decline, and make the aftercare intimate and longer than usual.

I have mentioned this before but eating chocolate during aftercare helps mirror Oxytocin and allows greater long term intimacy bonding potential during aftercare. Oxytocin release can ward off the effects of drop.

Pampering is an important part of recovering from a scene. Never underestimate the power of, a bathrobe, some chocolate, a hot bath with candles, good book and some general relax time. It works wonders for helping to stop drop for many people.

Sunshine is a natural vitamin D boost and can be a great aid to help battle drop.

If you are feeling restless try a walk, or a jog or another forms of gentle exercise.

Keeping a journal of the scenes and what feelings it evoked can help you through some of the emotions you went through.

It goes away if all of the other techniques aren’t working, at least keep in mind the negative feelings will pass, usually within a few hours to a day.

I want to again state, if symptoms last for more than 7 days seek the proper medical help.

If you are experiencing flu like symptoms it can be the minor build up of lactic acid in your system. While a severe build up of lactic acid (such as from hanging suspension) can cause lactic acidosis which may cause death due to the blood becoming septic hence the need for good communication during the scene. DO NOT GAG DURING SUSPENTION. Far more commonly a minor build up from play can be overcome with some rest, water, and TUMS. If you are in doubt, see a doctor, preferably a kink friendly one.


Have  fun and please stay safe.

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