This has nothing to do with BDSM but I want a bit of a whinge about it.

When did politeness and respect ever disappear from the world????

I must be a very old fashioned type of girl but I strive for good manners and politeness. I say please and thank you without fail. I speak with respect to my elders because I believe they deserve it. People my age, almost 40, were taught good manners and when I was young if I forgot that I would get a smack on the ass if I forgot that. (And no that isn’t why I like being spanked, hehehehehe)

Not that long ago I had the chance to speak with a War Vet who was in the marines. Once a marine, always a marine. I said thank you to him for the duty he put in during the war. I am a bit of a war buff and he told me some of his stories and they were hair raising. He was so delighted I would take the time for him.

I pass the time of day with the person on the checkout in the store. I smile at people. If an old lady or gentleman gets on the train or bus and there are no seats I stand up. I have found that to listen is far better than to talk all the time. With Sir I can pass a comfortable silence with him.

Am I a dying breed?

Am I polite and respectful because I am submissive, NO. Do I speak my mind, well as you can see I do. However when I  post things I try my best not to show any bias, ill will, or  preach. I might be cutting that last one a bit fine with this.

Respect and politeness cost nothing and can make a persons day. That is what I try hard to show.


Sir and kitten

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