At this moment in time I have a very serious health problem that requires me to have chemotherapy. I have had Radiotherapy and having something to write for, has given me something to occupy my down time, which treatment brings. However, chemo is a whole different game so I might not be well enough to post. I have my Sir to help me through this. He is the chief team leader and he sometimes picks me up and dusts me down.

Don’t worry I have a really good prognosis and I am doing well.

There might be a few days or even longer between posts but I will try to keep up.

Now I know you don’t want me to tax myself and I won’t but I don’t want this to become a cancer site. This is a celebration of the BDSM lifestyle and I really want to keep it that way if you don’t all mind.

Please have fun here and be safe.

Sir and kitten

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