This is something that can be so very pleasurable or one of the hardest things to have to do. It is the act of masturbating to the point of orgasm then stopping and being denied the ultimate satisfaction. It can be a discipline or a delightful tease depending on your kink.

Not so long ago I was disciplined for some infraction and I was made to wait for sex for several days. Both Sir and I are extremely sexual beings so having to wait for so long was very difficult. I realized what I had done was bratty and I deserved the discipline.

I was told to edge each day which I did and it was so exciting and frustrating. Now I was talking to Sir I mentioned I had edged more than he had asked and when he asked why I simply said because I was very bad. (Okay I love edging) He laughed and said okay keep up with it.

I was edging at least six times a day and it drove me half crazy. I found it difficult to sleep. Then I was counting down the days. Saturday was the goal. I focussed on the finish line and that made me so damned wet. Edging made me wet most of the time. It sometimes made it difficult to walk so I would have to wait until I calmed down before walking away. Did I mention I was not allowed to wear panties?

Sir loved every moment of it. He was looking forward to Saturday too. He knew I would be excited beyond words. It’s moments like these that make him feel good to be a Dominant.

I did my best to make sure Sir did not suffer and gave him the best oral sex I could. I did have ulterior motives if the truth be told. I did  have a thought that if the oral sex was good enough he might break the discipline. He is a strong man and the discipline stood.

So it is Friday night, then Saturday. I have no idea what time we were going to have sex. I was beside myself with need. It was so bad I couldn’t even begin think straight. There is nothing like edging to alter a submissives way of thinking. She has a mind fixed on sex and orgasms.

However, I dressed well, made sure I looked my best and I wore my perfume, the one Sir likes the best. I made a perfect lunch and we sat and ate together and I tried to make the most interesting conversation I could manage. By the end of the meal I was a gibbering wreck. I try to rise and put the dishes into the dishwasher but Sir takes my hand, kisses it and then says, ‘it is time kitten’.

Suddenly my knees go weak. I can’t speak and I am actually trembling. Sir sees this and whispers in my ears, ‘Steady kitten. We have all afternoon.’

I can’t help it, I moan softly. Sir walks deliberately slow and I try not to rush him. This is my day of release and I can’t do anything wrong. We head for the bedroom and he sits on the bed then looks at me and says, ‘It’s been a long week, kitten.’

I nod and softly say, ‘A very long week, Sir’.

‘Undress for me kitten, and do it slowly.’

I do as asked and whispered, ‘Yes Sir.’ I remove my shirt, unbuttoning each button slowly. I am wearing nothing under it and once I let my shirt fall I rub my hands over my breasts, pinching each nipple harshly. Then I let my hands fall to my skirt. I unzip the side and let it slide down my legs then I turn around and bend over slowly and give a little wiggle. Normally I would put my fingers between my legs and dip them inside me but I am like an unexploded bomb and I can’t. I go to remove my lace topped stocking but Sir says, ‘.  ‘Leave them on kitten. Now come here darling.’

I do my best not to run but I do walk quickly. Sir’s arms are open for me and I dive into the safest place on earth. He rolls me over him to the centre of the bed and I squeal. Sir get’s off the bed and removes his clothing. He is in a good mood and quickly clambers onto the bed with me. He pulls me into his arms once more and kisses me deeply. I moan against his lips.

Before too long and after a barrage of kisses I am so aroused I think I am going to die of need. Sir turns to me and says, ‘You have made me very hard kitten.’ I look down and he is being very honest.

I nod quickly and in a soft voice I whisper, ‘Yes Sir.’

Then he says something to me that he doesn’t say very often. ‘It is yours kitten, do what you want.’

I don’t need much encouragement. I straddle him and put the head of his cock at the entrance of my vagina. I drop down in eagerness and cry out.

The rest you can figure out for yourselves….

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Have fun and stay safe.

Sir and kitten

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