Now I expect everyone reading this will understand the mechanics of oral sex. Basically it is the stimulation of the genitals with the mouth and tongue. Simple really. However, there are a few things I like to bear in mind. Now I am going to have to be a little crude.

Cock sucking:- Oh this is easy isn’t it? Open mouth, shove cock in tighten lips around suck cock and move head so mouth goes up and down the member, right? Wrong!

This is a man that takes you on an exciting journey through your submissive adventure. He works over time to bring you pleasure. The act of oral sex gives you an amazing chance to show your Dominant how much he means to you.


First thing you are going to figure out is to spit or swallow. Well that’s easy, place it in your limits. Then if you decide to not swallow he has the choice to cum on your face or on your body. Watch out for it going in your eyes as it is a bugga to get it out and it feels unpleasant. There is a tip for ladies, if you don’t like the taste, try this. Give your Dominant a glass of pineapple juice every day and make sure he drinks enough fluid. For a girl you should drink cranberry juice everyday to keep you free of infection like a UTI and it changes the taste of a woman. Also drink plenty of fluids.

The next thing you must remember is to keep your eyes looking into the eyes of your Dominant. They like to see your reactions and if you do not do that he has no idea if you  enjoy it or not. Even if you are an amazing cock sucker still look up.

Unless under different directions, take your time jut as he takes his time with you. Make freeing his cock from his pants something special. Rub your mouth and face over his growing erection before you even release it. Use your hands but if you can take the zip down with your teeth then do it. Feel the cock through his underwear so he is close to full erection. I find grazing my teeth across his shaft and head of his cock (like a mock slow bite) really pleases my Sir. It is a little technique to remember. DO NOT BITE unless directed other wise!


It can be tricky to remove the penis from his trunks and you might have to use your hands.

Once the penis is free and a magnificent erection is close to your mouth don’t just wrap your lips around it. This is an important stage of the whole act. Use your hand to do these things. Lurking under your Dominant’s cock is a set of balls and they are sensitive. Hold the cock and lick them. Add a little gentle suction and during a head job you can put your fingers on them and roll them gently.

Then graduating to the cock, use it like a lollypop and lick from base to head and then swirl your tongue over the head. Repeat for as long your Dominant moans softly. Now an anatomy lesson. On the shaft of the penis, on the underside, right near the tip where the head of the cock sits there is a place that is very, very sensitive. Flick you tongue over that point, he will really enjoy it, but don’t just do that, it is just a thing in your arsenal. Swirl your tongue over the tip. Allow just the tip in your mouth and then swirl it again. Suck with just small sucks as you swirl your tongue. Then slowly lower your lips down, keeping them tight around his shaft.


Now is the question every submissive has to tackle. How deep do you let the penis go? I learned to deep throat when young and I used a jelly dildo. I slid it to the back of my mouth over the place that bends down into the throat. To begin with I gagged, I still do on some occasions, but with practice you get used to it. You can even go further and get quite deep. Not every man is built like a horse and it never comes close to filling your throat.


Now back to the actual subject. You are at the moment where you are sucking and with vigour, but keep you eyes on his. Make some slurping noises. You will beginning to drool, and sometimes so much it will dribble down on your body. These things will, by and large, please your Dominant. You can vary the speed to make it more pleasurable. You can lick and slurp throughout the whole process. Now at some time during this your Dominant might put his hand on your head and apply some pressure. He can’t help it, he just knows what he loves. He will however try to stay within your limits.

Now there is something called Face Fucking. It is rough, it is deep and you will not be in control of the process. If you have sorted out your  limits your Dominant will not break from them. That’s respect but if he get’s caught up in what is happening please allow a little leeway, but I mean just a little.

I can deep throat and often Sir can indulge himself but he doesn’t do that all the time. Even though I can do it I still gag and retch. I drool everywhere and it isn’t glamorous. I watch him all the time. He stops me from breathing but as I watch him he can see one of my safe gestures. If I blink fast and hard he stops. I place my hand on Sir’s thigh and if I start to black out my hand falls and he pulls right out and  gives my face a sharp slap. It wakes me up quick smart. A slap sounds extreme but I also like to have my face slapped. I am very comfortable with my sexuality and both myself and Sir love our BDSM relationship. We are comfortable with all of our desires.

But I prevaricate.

We have come to the height of the head job. Signs to look for when a man is cumming are, his cock will get even harder and his testicles will tighten up. If you want to spit you can either take his cum in your mouth then spit it out which I find rather rude but that is for me not anyone else. You can take your hand and finish him off that way and then let him cum all over you. If you don’t like the taste but you don’t mind him cumming in your mouth then take the cock deep, hold your breath and swallow. Easy. Sometimes if you take his seed in your mouth and you swallow he will love the feel of that especially if your hand continues to milk him dry. Very often he won’t want to cum at all in your mouth because he wants to either cum in your vagina or your ass. Oh girls and guys don’t gasp in shock. I’ll talk about Anal later.



Now let’s put the tongue on the other organ.


So guys, lips, tongue, teeth, fingers on the ready. Going down on a girl starts at the lips, the ones on her head!

A woman responds to sensual things and teasing drives her wild. Kiss her, move down her body lick her skin, nip her with your teeth even bite her hip if she likes it. Lick around her tummy button. Every nerve in her body will inflame her senses. Please don’t rush but savour her. The longer she takes the better the orgasm. Move down towards her pussy.  Spread her legs and put them over your shoulders for better access. Don’t dive right in but make her spread her pussy lips open so you can see her clitoris. She may squirm doing that because it is exposing her most vulnerable place. Slide in a finger into her then two. Lean down and kiss and lick her thighs working your way into her clitoris but tease her until she is moaning for you to lick her clitoris.  At this point she might start begging for orgasm. Once that happens you will appreciate how that turns out.

Now you can go one of three ways, just use your tongue on her clit, lick and suck it until she explodes in an earth shattering climax. You can lick and finger fuck her…again another explosion of delight. The last way is to massage her G-spot as you lick and she will go off like a rocket. Might pay you to put on a raincoat because it is likely she will squirt.

Now you Dominants can either let it go at one orgasm but I promise if you give her several orgasms she will crave your cock desperately. Once she is set free she will be like a wild thing. Maybe I am just describing me but I don’t think I am unique.

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