Month: March 2018



This is a subject I given to me by my Sir and it is a very important thing to do. I have mentioned before that, at the beginning of a porn clip, the ‘Dominant’ and ‘submissive’ of the clip will discuss what they enjoy. The submissive will say what she likes and what she doesn’t.


I wonder

Lately you’ve been on my mind and I don’t know why
But I am wondering if you would recognize


How can I tell?

I have heard a couple questions in my life about how can a Dominant can tell how much pain is inflicted with things like Paddles, floggers, whips and rulers. Well this is a large question. Of course it depends on how hard you strike.


I slapped his face

I get into strange moods sometimes that runs against my submissiveness and believe it or not, Sir actually enjoys it so please hold back with your disbelief and enjoy the ride. I know I certainly did.

Coming out of the Dungeon.

So much of this life I lead is done behind closed doors, hidden from friends and family. I know there are many others like me. I mean not many of us have ‘come out’, so to speak.

What is Love?

Love is a hot, writhing thing, gathering up people as it rolls around.
Caught in the undulating energy, stealing your will and sensibilities.


Sappho’s Daughter

I am Sappho’s daughter My fathers blood runs thickly through my veins But she electrifies my nerves. The touch of a naked breast against my body Melts away my fire Makes moon glow from my eye