Clitoral Orgasms

Orgasm, you might say, seems easy, but there is a high percentage of women that have never achieved an orgasm. However, in this day and age sex is more open to discussion. Men seem to find this whole process easy and if they do not have a partner, they are able to take matters into their own hands.  Women too.

There is no shame in not having orgasmed. First port of call would be the library or a book shop to get a book about sex. First thing to look up is the clitoris. It is an organ that is over the urethra and opening to the vagina. It has skin over it to protect it called the clitoral hood. if you stimulate the clitoris with the hood with either finger or a vibrating toy, the clitoris will engorge  and then if you keep going you with achieve an orgasm. It used to be called the ‘Little Death’ and to some girls it seems that way. Don’t be nervous it is meant to be intense Laboured breathing precedes orgasm and a burst of pleasurable feelings will follow. The body will spasm and eventually then calm down.


Normally penetration will follow an orgasm if you are with a partner. It is possible to stimulate yourself again to a further orgasm/s. Not every woman can orgasm with just penetrative sex so clitoral stimulation is needed. If this is the case there are many positions you can adopt that allows you to stimulate your clitoris while being fucked.

When first discovered that the clitoris is the centre of a woman’s pleasure it was thought to be just a bunch of nerves under the organ itself however, it has been found that the clitoris nerves actually go down both sides of the sex and around the anus as well as inside the vagina. Add to that we now have a G-spot and things get a bit more complicated. What it all adds up to is that women can enjoy a deeper pleasure now we are much freer these days.

G-Spot Orgasms

This is where things get a little more complicated. Ok ladies time to feel. If you slip two fingers into your vagina and press upward and to the front of your vagina up behind the clitoris. There is a fleshy pad of skin which contains more of the clitoral nerves and along with clitoral stimulation you rub the G-spot the feelings you get are stronger and at this point we must mention something new, SQUIRTING.

Now girls hold on tight. There are two little glands under the urethra and they contain a substance that is close to male ejaculate. Thy are called the Skene’s Ducts (refer to the diagram above). No don’t have a fit it is perfectly normal. If you have a G-spot orgasm you might ‘squirt’. If you empty your bladder before a scene it will ensure you don’t pee too. With a G-spot orgasm alone it will be a weaker squirt. Do not hold back orgasm because most men love you to squirt. It just might be a good idea to lay down a towel. This is a much more deeper release and I promise you will love it. Accept help from your partner and just relax and go with the flow. You can also use a bent vibrator to reach the G-spot and you might orgasm quicker.


There is a deeper and an all-encompassing orgasm and you will need help from your partner. It is a combination of clitoral and G-spot orgasm. Your partner slides his middle two fingers into your vagina with his palm up. He will locate your G-spot and massage it vigorously while placing the head of a Doxy-wand (Hitachi wand as shown below) against your clitoris. You will squirt much more powerfully but please don’t hold back because this is an orgasm that will rock your world. The feelings will make your body spasm and the pleasure you will have is mind blowing. It will take a while for your body to calm down.

Forced Orgasm

This is something very different. It is something a Dominant might want to do to you. It is where you are tied down with your legs spread and your hands tied too. I know having orgasms sounds wonderful. The first stage is bliss and you probably beg for more. Then you have your first one and mmmm it is great, then the second yeah that is nice too. The third the fourth and the fifth wonderful but you are becoming over stimulated and you so want to close your legs, but oh, you can’t

The second stage is over simulation, your body is taut and you begin to babble. You are covered with sweat, every muscle is tight and your mind is blank because all you can feel is your sex. You become your sex. Nothing else registers. This is the time you beg for it to stop. But it doesn’t.

The third stage is a quick road into sub space. All you feel is your sex, your clitoris, your tight belly and your Dominant. Oh He is there doing this to you. You are caught in this amazing place and you have submitted everything you are. It is in this place your Dominant will release you and lay with you and cuddle you. He will soothe your face, wipe your hair back from your face and hold you until you come out of the sub space. He will kiss you softly and tell you want a good girl you are. You will be weak but content. He will do all of this if he is a good Dominant.

I hope this adequately expresses the wonder of the simple orgasm, but of course we all know it is never simple.

N.B. If you cannot achieve orgasm at all, please go to your nearest woman’s clinic or female Doctor to be checked out. Don’t be afraid to go to them because they will ascertain that you are physically in good shape.


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