I have spoken with Sir about this page and I had to think carefully about the kinds of kinks we discuss in here. There are some that I find difficult to speak of, not because they are nasty or bad or shameful. If it is between two consenting adults it is fine but they must research it carefully. However, somethings can alter the body in ways not expected.

There are realms that I know of but I am nervous of mentioning them as they have the potential to really harm a person or that those practices can cause dangerous damage on their bodies. So forgive me but I do not wish to talk about them. The whole purpose of this site is to offer advice about the lifestyle not to point you into direction of these activities.

In your Dominant’s arms should be the safest place to be.

I am aware I have written about some harsh things in the levels of pain and about humiliation but that was to inform and to guide you to know what will be hard or soft limits. They are also a strong part of BDSM. What I am writing about now is not strictly about that lifestyle so I am not being a chicken. I have the full support of my Sir and he feels just as I do.

This really means something, have fun and stay safe. This is the aim of this blog.


Please stay safe and have fun


Sir and kitten

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