In BDSM a mind fuck means a suggestion that will evoke a response from you. Your mind will receive the words then your thoughts will run with them. Nothing else needs to be said and you will provide the stimulation in your mind and you will focus on that one event. It is a way to turn you on.

There are many forms of mind fuck and lots of them can be really ice. Again this is a case of degree. The way that Sir does it is really great. It can be as simple as coming over to me and whispering in my ear, ‘Some time today I am going to fuck your brains out’. As you can imagine that arouses me greatly, but it is a mind fuck. I might have to go hours before it happens and as time passes the mind fuck works overtime until the scene begins. By then I am so aroused I become a wild thing. That is the thing about them, they grow in your mind and tease you unmercifully.

I have mentioned the pleasant little mind fuck but they can become quite large. Your Top might ring you while you are out and tell you to go to the bathroom and masturbate and to do so every half hour but you are not allowed to cum. That usually comes with the warning your Top will know if you have orgasmed. Believe it or not, if you are close they will.

There is a great mind fuck you can do to a working person. Ring them and tell them you are dressed sexily and you feel horny. You can tell them you are playing and you will be waiting for them to come home. I will warn you if you do that to your Top expect some sort of retribution. Then the mind fuck is shifted into reverse and it then becomes your own.

Sometimes a mind fuck is aimed at making you nervous (refer to a consensual/non consensual scene). A hint of fear exaggerates the arousal. This is something that must be talked about before you allow the scene. It can be something like a heavy spanking scene or a strong bondage scene.

It can be a teasing mind fuck like, ‘I’ve been to the adult shop and I bought something for you, perhaps we can try it tonight.’

These are teases for the Top to use not for the submissive but if you have a wonderful Dominant they might enjoy it reversed. When I say there will be retribution it is usually of a sexual nature or a playful spanking session. It maybe discipline but nothing harsh.

The nature of a mind fuck is for pleasure not for punishment. Negotiate for them but leave a little wiggle room for your Top to use his own imagination.

If your top begins to do unhealthy mind fucks that leave you feeling less than you actually are or makes your confidence fall, please either negotiate or leave. This should enhance your life together not to make you feel oppressed.

Have fun and be safe

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