I guess what I should say here perhaps this could be the tool box of a  budding BDSM relationship. The basic ones to get are:-

  1. A nice vibrator of a size you are comfortable with. This one can be hard or soft. They come in many sizes and shapes so shop around. If you see one that is bent at the tip that stimulates the G-spot.
  2. A nice dildo. For this get one that is a soft one and longer. Please don’t buy massive ones to begin with.
  3. A Princess plug. Yes this is a butt plug but believe me you will like it.
  4. Four different sized soft butt plugs if you are not used to them.
  5. Ok this one is something I love and it is a small vibrator that you slip in and by way of  a phone app allows your Dominant to remotely activate it. It looks fun.
  6. Some sexy underwear and stockings and a garter belt for the girls. Guys you can get some nice things too.
  7. Lubrication if you think you will need it. It is necessary for butt plugs, and cocks.
  8. A pair of handcuffs. Ones that you are happy with.
  9. A nice collar. Perhaps a leash too.
  10. A three point set of clamps. Pick the strength you want. (for nipples and clit hood).
  11. If you want to try simple bondage then some rope. Make it a soft rope and try different ones  as you progress. Bear in mind a large drapery/hobby shop or even a hardware store.
  12. Material for a blindfold.
  13. Material for a gag.
  14. A heart shaped or a decorated padlock to keep your collar fixed.
  15. Some body chocolate. That should be obvious as to why it is included.

If this is a new relationship, go for softer things for your first kit and grow into the other stuff.

This is a basic kit and you will soon want to get more, so happy shopping. Also make friends with the owner of your closest hardware store. Yes really.

I said get to know your hardware store because you will be able to get rope, chains, steel rings, lengths of pipe, connectors, and all kinds of interesting stuff. You will need lots of batteries. Just don’t answer his questions about what home repairs you are doing. Sorry I am grinning here because this always makes me giggle. A good cover might be building a jungle gym for the kids, but my Sir is more likely to say building a dungeon for my girlfriend.


Have fun and be safe,

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