After every scene there will be a time where you both flop on the bed together and cuddle. It is the afterglow and a good time to talk about how you enjoyed yourself and to make sure your partner knows it was incredible. That is true for both of you. It is a time for your Dominant to share with you too. It is a time for holding each other and just finding warmth and satisfaction.

It offers you a time to calm down and relax. Beyond that very moment, if you had a scene that was high energy, then you are going to be exhausted. Your Dominant has to check you for signs of bruising, sore spots, and sore muscles if you have been bound or whipped.

If the submissive has entered sub space during the scene, there will be a soporific state of bliss during the scene. It is the job of the top to take care of the bottom until they come back to full awareness.

As long as there are no scrapes or bleeding sores, the best way to conduct aftercare is to both have a nice long warm bath with fragrant essential oils and perhaps something like Radox or even Epsom salts. If there are any open sores or cuts, they should be treated with antiseptic and dressed. Then later have a bath together. A bath is a loving place to be and it also affords your Dominant a chance to relax himself and to make sure you are well.

In addition to the bath and the dressing of wounds you may require lotion placed on any welts. It is also a time to see if there is any sub drop. This is something I will mention here but I will talk in more length in a coming page. Basically it can be a feeling of depression like symptoms. It can happen soon after a long and intense scene and it can happen quite close after the scene. The after care done by the Dominant should keep a close eye for this.

Also part of after care is to make sure you get enough rest. That you are comfortable and even more important that you get cuddles. At this time you should take some fluids preferably not alcoholic and a neat energy booster is chocolate. You have both expended a lot of energy so share some. A fruit juice will work too.

Never underestimate this as it is an important step to reinforcing your relationship. It is a sign of his respect for you.

I would like to add something here. It is nice to take care of your Dominant and do nice things for him too, so sometimes in the bath, swap places and rub his back and ease away his tension. It is always a two way street.

Have fun and be safe

Sir and kitten.

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